BuddhaBones is a visual artist dedicated to creating exhibits which aid their observers to better lucid dream. The surrealistic nature of the art makes the observer question if they are currently in a dream, or if they are within their own waking life, which is the first step to dreaming lucidly.

Creating dreamscapes for art lovers to wonder through is intrinsic to the very nature of BuddhaBones, who strives to give life to surrealism through bright and benevolent, ambient dreams.

The ElectroJellies are bright benevolent sculptures simultaneously paying homage to one of our favorite creatures of the sea while also paying homage to one of our favorite songs by The String Cheese Incident, Jellyfish.

The ElectroJellies swim above The Forest Family, gently lighting the thin pines of The Forest with ambient, loving light. The ElectroJellies love to dance to the rhythm of the swinging hammocks beneath them.

Find time to rest beneath their glowing lights and sway with them to the music of Electric Forest!