Galactivation, an installation crew led by founder and designer Carey Thompson, create interactive spaces with an emphasis on inspiring design and current technologies. Projects range from projection and laser mapped stages at festivals around the world to gateway portals fully integrated with immersive LED intelligent lighting. Spanning the spectrum of designing from super high tech with the latest fabrication tools to fully roots building techniques using primarily bamboo, Carey consistently aims to raise the bar hoping to inspire wonder and creativity in others.

Sherwood Portal, in its third year here, marks the entry into another dimension, providing the launching point from the explosively powerful Ranch Arena into the magical domain of Sherwood Forest. Portals have been used for centuries to designate sacred space, and its intention is just that, to set the psychedelic tone for all that pass through. With its brilliant color, detailed motif, and massive archway design, even the brief moment of passage after a big show can excite the mind and prepare the psyche for what is in store for them within.