2018 Performer Plug In Winners

Theme – Let the Adventure Choose You

The theme of “Let the Adventure Choose You,” allows you to visualize through costume and performance… “it’s the journey AND the destination”.

Whether you are a dancer, a mime duo, comedian, flow artist, a hula hooper, or something The Forest has never seen, bring your best performance and join the talent at Electric Forest 2018.


Ascension Acro

Ascension Acro resides in Central Florida and they have been performing and teaching AcroYoga, Standing Acrobatics and Partner Acrobatics for many years. Their performance includes a degree of difficulty and danger that is both captivating and beautiful to the audience.

Flora Bloom

Flora Bloom is from Holland, MI where she grows flowers by day and dances with flames by night. She has been using poi as a tool for studying movement and meditation for 6+ years and is thrilled to share her passion in The Forest.


Krista the Katalyst, a 24 year old multi-skilled dance/flow artist from small town Brazil, Indiana. A catalyst is a person or thing that precipitates an event; similarly, a katalyst is a person who desires to inspire through movement and passionate expression.


If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna feel every flow?

Lelight Fire

Play, creativity, being present, and love are at the core of the flow of LeLight Fire. They strive to share this with the world and inspire people to do what makes them feel in love with life!

Magic Mock

Trained in Wonderland, Magic Mock will surely add a grin to your face, bamboozle your senses, and open your mind to the impossible. Step aside Merlin, your days are over!

Sofia Nelson

Sofia trained in all things dance growing up, but her life changed forever when she picked up a plastic circle in 2015. Her flow style is a blend of tech-y hoop manipulations, contemporary movement, and storytelling.

Ziggy Starshine

Ziggy Starshine is a passionate and nerdy flow artist from a small town in Eastern KY. Inspired by Mother Earth, the Universe, and Japanese culture, Ziggy’s art is an interesting melange of anything that sparks the spectrum of imagination and emotion.



A ninja never reveals much…

Flowing Chaos

A fire performing thrill-seeker from Ohio, Rachael Dover is an artist of many forms who started her flow-journey nearly a decade ago, learning poi with her husband Ryan. She has grown to spin at an advanced level and now performs with several other props including hula hooping, fans, levitation wands and juggling; her high-energy style is all her own, showcasing a beautifully Chaotic Flow!

Kaylie Amaya

Kaylie Amaya is a 20 year old performer who currently resides in Toledo, Ohio. When performing, her passion for flow arts can be felt oozing from her soul by watching her unique trick flow… which is something you surely won’t forget!


You’ll find her dancing on the highest of frequencies. A channel of unapologetic expression.


Miss Conception is an emcee, activist, and all-around eclectic artist from Kansas City (Missouri), USA.  Now based on the West Coast, she is an interactive and multi-faceted performer, spitting rhymes and spinning magic with precision; when she takes the stage it’s an immersive, collective experience for the audience.

Nathan Kranzo

Nathan Kranzo has been featured on various television shows including Wizard Wars, Houdini & Doyle and America’s Got Talent. His combination of comedy, magic and mindreading will make you laugh, blow your mind and leave you questioning your reality.

Scarlett Shiver

Scarlett Shiver is a multi-prop flow and fire performer from Georgia!


Alex Werst is a 24 year old flow artist, performer and instructor from Fort Pierce, Florida. He has been flowing since 2014 and loves to bring people together and expand on the flow state and knowledge of object manipulation.

Twiggy and Ziggy the Spacebabe Twins

Twiggy and Ziggy are funky fun spacebabe twins that are always up to something! They can be spotted climbing on each other, flying together, or fluttering around The Forest!