2017 The Night Lily Art Installation Winner!

“Night, when words fade and things come alive.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

HQ is proud to announce The Night Lily as a 2017 Plug In Art Installation Sponsorship Winner! The Night Lily is an ethereal kinetic sculpture that will hang in the forest canopy. It lies dormant by day, a beautiful flower bud sneaking out for a peek at the world around it. At night the energy of the Forest breathes life into the Night Lily. Let its captivating glow draw you deeper into the heart of The Forest!

 2017 The Night Lily Art Installation Winner!

The Night Lily combines kinetic structure, projection mapping and atmospheric effects to bring this flower into bloom. With immense detail and preparation, this installation showcases elegant attention while also offering a visionary lens.

The creators of The Night Lily are a Chicago based collective that combines imagination, contemplation, and expert programming. With backgrounds from live projection mapping to art to cinema to engineering, they are excited to bring movement to such a delicate flower as it blooms into a mesmerizing spectacle of light, color, and motion.

Welcome Night Lily!