2018 UnMEDIAted Videographer Winners

The 2018 UnMEDIAted Videographer Winners - Julio, Edgar, and Christian!

Christian Goudy / Boone, NC

“As a member of the prestigious Electric Forest video team, my main focus would be capturing all of the intricacies of the festival that really draw us together as Human beings, Showing the connection beyond just a music festival, But so much more.” – Christian

Edgar Santoyo / Ravenna, MI

“I propose to focus on the story of the forest, through the words of the fellow forest goers. Why do so many people return year, after year? Why put it on your calendar the day you get back from the forest, anticipating the next year?

Through well detailed shots, words from forest attendees, amazing shots of the attractions, and much more I want to capture the stories of Electric Forest.” – Edgar

Julio Vaught / Fullerton, CA

“My focus will be on people’s energies as the day transitions to night. I want to capture the feel of the energy of the festival and the people just by watching my video.” – Julio