2018 First Weekend Brainery Workshops

 2018 First Weekend Brainery Workshops


MAKE: Design with Charcoal

A mindful charcoal drawing course. Learn about traditional and contemporary designs. Expand your creativity and develop a skill you can take with you. 

LEARN: Learn to Jam with Jason Wiseley

Funky tunes, a groovy time and learn how to jam! Leave with a little more knowledge of how to to have fun with your favorite instruments. No experience or musical knowledge necessary. Followed by free-form jam session led by Jason Wiseley

PLAY: The Great Bingo Revival

Hosted by Reverend Rusty Reams, North America’s #1 bingo caller, this high energy, game show, funk-fest – with music provided by micah j as D.J. B.I.N.G.O – will transport you to the era of bell bottoms, funky shirts, and groovy dance moves! Dance along with the BINGO-GO Dancers, wear your best 70’s outfit and win far-out prizes – The Great Bingo Revival at the Brainery on Main Street Wednesday at Midnight, Thursday at 2:00 AM, and at the Grand Artique Trading Post on Sunday at 12:45 AM.

LEARN: Be a Festival Pro with The Festival Guy

Festivaling is a hobby that the more of it you do, the better you get at it, and the more fun you have while doing it. Come for the talk by Tucker Gumber, aka The Festival Guy and author of The FestivalGoer’s Guide, and learn to be a FestPRO so we can all actively contribute to making Electric Forest 2018 the best festival that has ever happened.  He has spent seven years learning all of the finer points of festivaling and is here to share all of the tips and tricks festival veterans use to have their best festival.

MOVE: Queers Getting Comfortable

In a fast paced world which struggles to validate our existence, we are often led to disconnect from mind and body. Let’s ground ourselves. This practice combines elements of authentic movement, Alexander technique, guided meditation, and reaffirmation to provide a potent brew of well-being.

MAKE: Ribbon Wand and Forest Crowns

You get to create unique body adornments to express yourself and keep as memories of your electrifying time in the forest. We will use paint, string & even some of favorite trinkets to make Forest Crowns & Ribbon Wands!

LEARN: Learn to Shuffle Dance!

A comfortable environment to learn an immersive style of dance that goes hand in hand with music festivals and the music we love so much. An introduction into an amazing community of people of passion.

BREATHE: Upgrade Your Brain Through Breath!

At the Upgrade Your Brain Through Breath™ you will LEARN to use breath as a Vibrational Programming Language. The intent of the workshop is to ACTIVATE the command centre of your brain with the PURPOSE of enriching your senses while ACCESSING empowering ways of BEING.

MAKE: DIY Japanese Shibori Headband and Dyeing Techniques

Learn the original tie-dye at a Shibori Workshop!  Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting, bunching, and then binding fabric that is then dipped into vibrant dyes. Participants will create their own unique hand-dyed festival head scarf.  All materials will be provided.  Limited to 25 participants. 

LEARN: The Untz Artist Panels

Take a deep dive into the unknown with cutting edge electronic artists from the lineup to get a sense of where these superstars are coming from sonically, pick apart their process, look at the nitty gritty side of the contemporary music industry, and find out who they are excited to see that weekend at the festival.

LEARN: Kirtan Workshop and Chanting

‘Uncovering your Spiritual Form: Unlocking Yoga’s full power through sound’.  Kirtan is the ancient practice of coming together in community to chant mantras, divine vibrations that free us from limiting conceptions. 

FLOW: Guided AcroYoga Fundamentals

AcroYoga elevates the connection between you and others through movement, connection, and play. This practice blends yoga with Solar Acrobatic Techniques and Lunar Restorative Practices. All levels are welcome to join these community-oriented classes. No partner required

MAKE: Electric Poetry

Withs slight structural guidance from the instructor, people will be able to express their feelings through poetry and get them on paper. Participants will have the chance to write as well as to read, if they desire, and everyone will have the chance to chronicle the Forest through words in a unique space. The space allows no room for hatred or bigotry, and is safe and non-judgmental, while also leaving room to acknowledge and celebrate the feelings that each individual has.

MAKE: Mandala Salon

 The Mandala Salon is a workshop that explores the art of mandala design using crayons, colored pencils, pre-printed templates and original designs that may be used in part or in whole or simply as inspiration for one’s own personal mandala creation. The crew will present a brief informal presentation and provide the materials that will be used by the workshop attendees, with a live demonstration.

LEARN: American Sign Language (ASL) in the Festival World

This workshop will provide the opportunity for deaf and hearing patrons/staff to interact and share their perspective on the music festival scene, receive an “American Sign Language 101” tutorial, meet DJs who will be performing and have an interest in progressing their audience to become more accessible to diverse populations and connect with music via a physical dimension of sound with innovative equipment.

Anyone and EVERYONE are welcome, so please come see what the ASL Program is all about and meet new friends to create what will bring an amazingly new energy to your soul and the Forest!

BREATHE: Vibroacoustic Sound Healing Workshop

The Forest Family is welcome to experience the pleasure and science of Vibroacoustic Sound Healing and its benefits by use of quartz crystal vibration tools called singing bowls tuned specifically to the “heartbeat of the Earth” at 8 Hz.  Heal the deep layers of stress of taking the brain into meditative frequencies of gamma, alpha, beta, theta and delta where even your cells heal, transform, and rebuild.  Join Certified Yoga Therapist, Yvonne Clark (C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, BA Psychology/Literature) in this therapeutic workshop which will impact festival goers physical, energetic and emotional body and brain by utilizing sound frequency and vibration.

MEET: LGBTQ+ Pride Parade

In a world with strict guidelines and narrow mindsets, many feel trapped. As though their creativity, individualism, and personal expression are frivolous and, sometimes, wrong. Electric Forest is a place where you can express your full, eccentric, imaginative, vibrant self.  This includes all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. Be a part of the Electric Forest Pride Parade and celebrate the great diversity of our forest family’s LGBTQ+ community!

LEARN: Making a Breakthrough: A Participant-Led Q&A For Life Optimization

Looking for a breakthrough and want to leave with a new friend? Come experience how you can go deeper into your life’s work by appreciating life’s play. After getting to know each other in new ways, we’ll open up to explore thought-provoking questions as the group facilitates new feelings, new thoughts, and possibly new answers to advance inner growth and peace. Facilitated by author and founder, Jimmy Tomczak.

LEARN: Her Forest Women’s Panel “Centered in Sisterhood”

Moderator Hannah Muse leads a panel of women who are changing the landscape of the music industry and explore the question: ‘How you have been supported and support the women around you – in work, life, and creativity and how can we show up for other women even more?’


 2018 First Weekend Brainery Workshops