2019 Performer Plug In Winners


“A Twist in the Flow” by the Enforcers of the Unexpected.

Life’s memorable moments are not by our own design. Our interplay with others always brings a twist in what we want to see as a clear flowing path. No matter how fast we maneuver, a surprise can seemingly throw us to the mercy of the elements and the power they wield. Yet we rely on these same raw elements as we flow together to stay alive, satiated and warm, through all the twists.

Nathan Robb

Flowing for over seven years, One Guy Two Hoops is ready to dazzle the masses with his mind blowing circle manipulations.

Medicine Camino
Madison Camino

Madison has dedicated her vessel to being a living, dancing story, taking us on a journey of remembrance that the medicine of unapologetic expression lies within each of us. She is a multi prop artist but is naturally gravitated to the infinite feminine flow of the circle.

Rainbows in the Dark
Cameron Goldberg

Cameron is a multi-prop performer from Denver, CO. Flowing for 3+ years, he aspires to inspire the flow in others.

Jade Firefly
Antonia Mok

Jade Firefly is a hooper, dancer, and fire performer based out of California.  Influenced by her travels from the jungles of Hawaii to the Yuba river of Nor Cal, Jade reveals the poetry of her soul through movement, with a mission to integrate all groups of people and to continue the weaving of our awakening through art.

Ray Harper

Ray “Harperspective” is a Denver-based flow artist, fire spinner and object manipulator with a long background in Hip-hop and tribal-fusion dance. The Harperspective project uses musicality to combine these dance styles with Buugeng and various other props in a way that represents music through movement.

Kristina Wylin

Kristina Wylin is a sophomore at Michigan State University and has been training in dance since she was seven. Within her dance experience she has done acrobatic work, leading to her contortion skills shown in her routine. This is Kristina’s fifth time attending forest, but her first time as a performer!

Luca Kane
Lucas Morales

Luca is a one man circus doing magic with bubbles and juggling things.

Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Smith

One part majestic water nymph and one part techy machine elf; makes for one ridiculous little hooping bean.

Calvin K.
Broderick Trice

Calvin K. is a contemporary flow artist from Davenport, IA who aims to experience the world and all of its beauties through colors, textures, movement, perspective, and connection. Also, he’s a big ol’ dork that’s always wearing a smile and gives out free hugs, so feel free to say hello!

Alex Vertika

Elixia is a performing artist from Canada with a passion for storytelling through movement, dance and aerial artistry. Combining graceful flow, flexibility, and strength, her magical Elixir will mesmerize them all!

Queen Karenea and Chrisp Acro
Christopher Pike and Karen Dennis

Karen and Chris are partner acrobats who love performing gravity defying feats for an audience. They began their Acro practice in Buffalo New York with the Birds Nest Circus Arts and continue to practice, teach,  perform and share their love of acro around the country.