2019 Brainery Workshops

 2019 Brainery Workshops


MEET: Pride Parade

Madison King
The Pride Parade gives the Forest Family an avenue to celebrate love, achieve inclusivity, and unite the community.

LEARN: How to Gain and Retain Inspiration with Paper Diamond, Lane from Pnuma, and Special Guests

Paper Diamond & Friends
Paper Diamond has been a touring and musician and artist for over 15 years. Join him, Lane from Pnuma, and special guests to discuss how to gain inspiration and push through the uncomfortability of learning something new to become a master of your craft.

BREATHE: Release the B.S.

Jenna Lewins
At Release the B.S. you’ll create a greater understanding of what beliefs are holding us back & where there is space for growth. Together we’ll journal, breathe, & connect with the beautiful humans around us.

MOVE: Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Cara J. Mishan
In this workshop, we’ll be breaking down tribal fusion dance into a language. We’ll create a choreography together through defined drills and combinations in tribal fusion belly dance.

MAKE: Visualization to Actualization

Mario Adkins
Every remarkable action and legacy in our world began as a mere thought. Visualization to Actualization will show you how to visualize your notions and frame them around achievable goals in your very own personalized, laminated, Vision Board.

MOVE: Spirituality in Motion

Prnay Chopra
Indian classical dance has been practiced since 200 BC – experience how traditional Indian culture combines philosophy and artistic expression by learning about a rich, ancient art form. By the end of the session, you will be a pro at using your instrument (your body!) to express different types of human emotion, as well as have some traditional steps to show off to your friends!

LEARN: The Art of Seeking Adventure

Mia Bartlett
Learn how to craft your next adventure – give voice to your dream, own your fear, and find a community that will hold space for you.

MAKE: Mindful Charcoal Collaboration

Imran Saqib
A Mindful Charcoal Class, In which you learn Creative Designs, Ancient and New. A Collaboration to create a beautiful work of Art.

LEARN: Healing Hands – Mudras, Bandhas, and Pranayama for Spiritual Awakening

Allison Scott
In this workshop, you will experience a variety of simple yet life-changing techniques to: overcome addictions and form new habits; boost immunity throughout all seasonal changes; manage stress, anxiety, tension, and general mood; alleviate chronic digestive & elimination discomfort; increase metabolism & support weight management; exercise your intuition and prepare for higher Spiritual ascension.

BREATHE: Sound Healing Bliss Bowls Meditation

Yvonne Clarke
Join Certified Yoga Therapist, Yvonne Clark in this Sound Healing Experience which focuses on relaxing the deep layers of stress by taking the brain into the meditative frequencies of gamma, alpha, beta, theta and delta where even your cells heal, transform, and rebuild while simultaneously moving energy through each chakra (energy center) by use of quartz crystal healing vibration tools called singing bowls tuned specifically to the “heartbeat of the Earth” at 8 Hz.  Attendees of this session are bathed in harmonic frequencies that integrate the whole brain and body into a state of peace and calm.

LEARN: Beatbox For Beginners

Karl Olsson
Make some boots n’ cats with your friends! Come out and learn several techniques to have you beatboxing during your favorite artists set this week!

MOVE: Mindful Movement Through Tribal Drums

Max Young
Participants can expect to fully immerse themselves in a rhythmic-based mindfulness exercise that centers around creating the very music that moves and unites the group. They will feel and work muscle groups they’ve never worked before, learn brand new Japanese rhythms that are different than the rhythm we experience here, learn how the power of a repetitive rhythm can precede the deepest of meditations, and most of all, the participants will leave with a tangible “buzz” that will have them glowing for the rest of the day. They’ll be flooded with natural endorphins released from the unique combination of music, movement, and mindfulness.

BREATHE: The World Is Sound – Music, Meditation, and Consciousness

Torin Allen
Guided sound meditation workshop, featuring traditional bamboo flutes and Himalayan singing bowls.

LEARN: Wizardry with Words

IE the Magician
Those attending this event can expect a visually impressive and emotionally engaging session, an interactive combination of moments that we work together to create and enjoy.

MAKE: The Art of Automatic Drawing

Lisa Duré
During this workshop participants will get an introduction to two meditative practices: traditional meditation meant to bring focus and calm to the mind and Automated Drawing meant to release creative energy from the subconscious. Absolutely no experience in any type of meditation or drawing is necessary, you need only an open mind to be successful.

MOVE: Rhythm Quest

Emiko George and Benjamin Perry
Make your way to the Brainery to join our impromptu everyone-ensemble, where we will create a sonic atmosphere that inspires an attitude of integrating individuals and producing powerful music larger than the sum of its parts. Experience the power of a beating, undulating and immersive rhythm circle; a purely freeing, collective experience perfect for any level of musical talent.

MAKE: Native American Beading Technique

Samantha TwoCrow
Aanii (Hello)! Come share the evening with us for a two-hour workshop on Native American Beading; one of the most vibrant forms of indigenous art. All supplies provided.

 2019 Brainery Workshops