Electric Forest is both a collaboration and an experiment in community. There are many ways to be involved in The Forest, from work to play, and everywhere in between.

The Plug In Program offers creative opportunities to jump in through contests, artistic projects and so much more. Plug In to deepen the community and connection with Electric Forest.

This is an invitation to add to the magic.

New Surprises Await
Winners Announced

Art Installation Sponsorship

Each year, The Forest morphs into a reimagining of itself, with new art, fresh experiences, and a healthy dose of inspiration.

Make, Play, Learn, and More
Winners Announced

The Brainery Workshops

The Brainery seeks passionate minds with teachable skills to apply as instructors for this space during Electric Forest.

Showcasing Forest Family Talents
Winners Announced

The Movement Performer Plug In

Plug In as an official festival performer!
Be showcased roving, or even on stage. Duos are encouraged, and choreography is a must.

Let's Celebrate Together
Winners Announced

Chapel Parties For The People

HQ invites the Forest Family to celebrate our freaky unique selves through Chapel Parties for the People!

Team work makes the Dream work
Winners Announced

UnMEDIAted Creator Incubator

All interested creatives are invited to submit a unique perspective that adds to the spirit of The Forest.

Clean Up & Get Down
Winners Announced

Prize Cart Remix Contest

The Forest offers the opportunity to remix one of the Forest Family's favorite tunes: "PRIIIZE CART".

Arriving with all Wristbands
Winner Announced

Sticker Design Contest

Design the official sticker for Electric Forest – and have your art spark stories for years to come!

Reviewing Wishes
Wishes to be granted

The Wish Machine

The Wish Machine rewards the positive actions of the Forest Family. What are you doing to change the world? What would you wish for in return?

Accepting Submissions
Now Open

FanStaff Program

Become a member of the Electric Forest staff through the Work Exchange Team program.

Advanced Submissions Closed
Luminaria - Plug In Program Find the Spirit Center at EF22


Luminarias are memories and hopes in the form of LED candles and art.

Circles, Meetups, and More
Connection, Inspiration, and Comfort

Her Forest

With a focus on Connection, Inspiration, and Comfort, Her Forest is a collaboration between Forest Family who identify as women.

Tune In Now
Radio & Podcast

EF Radio

A dedicated community radio station serving the Forest Family 24/7/365, streaming online, via the EF Radio Podcast, and over FM radio throughout the festival.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Supporting Sustainability


Providing everything you need to be a sustainable, active, and respectful member of the Forest Family.

Sustainable Travelers
Carpool to The Forest

The Great Carpool Challenge

Carpool, bike, or shuttle to Electric Forest 2022 and enter for the chance to win the ultimate surprises...

Stay Tuned
Set intentions, break barriers

TWLOHA Barrier Project

Enter The Forest with your ambitions, intentions, objectives, and goals leading the way.

Stay Tuned

The Roy Price Memorial Food Drive

HQ is teaming up with Conscious Alliance for the tenth consecutive year!

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Registering voters at Electric Forest with HeadCount. Meet cool people, see great music, and change the world one voter at a time.

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The Music In Schools Program

Electric Forest’s Music In Schools program has supported local music education since 2012.

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The Big Life Foundation

A percentage of every Electric Forest wristband purchased is donated to the Big Life Foundation.