• In the case of an emergency, please contact the nearest staff member for help. There are medics onsite who are fully equipped to deal with all situations. For more information on Festival Resources available to support you, please visit the Festival Resources page.
  • The festival is outdoors. Please come prepared for any weather. This includes sun hats and sunscreen, sweaters, raincoats, and sturdy shoes. For details on how to prepare for Electric Forest, please check out Tips from the Forest Family.
  • Please note location of exits, information points, first aid areas, and water refill stations when the map is released. Please visit your Neighborhood Pod when you arrive to get oriented!
  • Please cooperate with staff, security, and police. They are there to help make sure that everyone has a good time.
  • Please drink alcohol responsibly.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and electrolytes.
  • While there will be 24 hour security onsite, Electric Forest cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. When you leave your tent, please take valuables with you and lock your car and tent.


*A note on headdresses & threatening messages: at Electric Forest, all should feel safe, comfortable, and welcome.

In this spirit, HQ requests that those who would bring American Indian headdresses to the festival leave them at home. Out of respect for this community, it is inappropriate to wear headdresses outside of traditional ceremony.

Additionally, while HQ supports diversity in signs, totems, and articles of clothing, words or images that threaten harm to others are not welcome in The Forest.

Electric Forest reserves the right to confiscate items deemed to be in violation of these two policies at its discretion.

In such a creative community, HQ is confident that these requests will open up new, more inclusive creative opportunities for all who attend. Thank you for making choices that support and inspire all members of the Forest Family.

 Rules & Resources

Electric Forest is filled with resources to support and uplift the Forest Family. This page is intended to spread the word of the different roles and services filled by and for the people of The Forest.


 Rules & Resources


All security will be wearing a laminate that says their company name with a large, unique identifying number, as well as a security shirt with their company name on it. All security laminates are going to be the same design, but with a different color and company name for different security companies.

You can ask to see a security guard’s laminate at any time.

Any search that is not taking place at an entrance will be done by multiple security guards and a security manager. Those conducting the search will be wearing their identifying laminate that says their company name with a large, unique identifying number, as well as a security shirt with their company name on it.

Security exists for the safety and well-being of all Forest Family. You will see them at entrance gates, around the stages, and roving throughout the venue. They may check your bag or confiscate prohibited items as you move through different entrance gates throughout the festival.

You can ask any security guard for assistance – and don’t forget to smile and say thank you. These people travel from far and wide to work long hours, and make Electric Forest happen!

If someone who you are uncertain is a security guard is attempting to search you, you can request to see their laminate and ask to speak to their supervisor.


To get in contact with security at Electric Forest, please visit an entrance gate, the front barricade at any festival stage, an info booth, or your nearest Neighborhood Pod, all located on the festival map.


 Rules & Resources


Medical staff at Electric Forest wear a shirt that identifies them as medical personnel. They move around the event both on foot, and on medical golf carts. HQ’s medical staff is filled with people in the medical field who are also fans of music and Electric Forest. They are not police or security, and their focus is exclusively on your health and well-being.

Medical assistance provided by the festival medical team is free of charge. If you’re feeling dehydrated, come down with a UTI, or find that your shoes weren’t kind to your feet, visit the medical staff! If you or a friend are receiving medical assistance, please allow these trained professionals to do their jobs and support them by following their instructions.

Whenever you see someone in a medical t-shirt, thank them for their work and share a smile.


If you require Medical assistance, please reference the festival map and make your way to the nearest medical station. If you or a friend require medical assistance and need help getting to a medical station, please head for the nearest Neighborhood Pod, info booth, police person, security person, or festival staff to ask for help.


 Rules & Resources

Ground Control are ready and able to help with any situation – from directions to medical assistance. They lend a helping hand, friendly face and peace of mind to anyone in need. They offer support in any situation without judgment and with only your best interests in mind. They are Ground Control, and they are your best friend. Ground Control at Electric Forest will be wearing their traditional purple tanks, fanny packs, and light sabers – their shirts will identify them as Ground Control. Ground Control will be roaming around the GA Campgrounds on foot – please feel free to flag them down!

Ground Control strongly believes in the beauty and power of helping others, and will do everything they can to make sure you have a safe, memorable experience.

If you are a Ground Control member at heart and would like to join the team, send an email with your resume to


The general staff of Electric Forest fill many roles – from artist transportation, to catering, to credentials, and beyond! You may see people moving around the festival dressed like attendees, but who are wearing radios and a special wristband. These members of the Forest Family are hard at work making magic happen. If they ask, please help out!


Info Booths and Neighborhood Pods exist to provide information and services to the Forest Family. If you find a lost item (or a lost person), need medical attention, have a question, or if you have found The Answer, visit your nearest Info Booth or Neighborhood Pod.

Services at Neighborhood Pods include: information, medical assistance, showers, and ice sales

Info Booths and Neighborhood Pods will be open as long as the area they are located in is open!


The festival Lost and Found is the place where all lost items end up. Whether you lost it in Jubilee or Camp Blueberry, these are the people you want to talk to. Please visit their booth, which is marked on the festival map, to check whether your lost item was found, or to turn in a lost item.

After the festival, you may send a detailed description of the item you lost to – but please do so promptly. The post-festival lost and found donates lost items to charity if they are not claimed within a month of the event.


The most powerful resource available to the Forest Family is you. The whole experience is fueled by your thoughtfulness, your caring attention, and your enthusiasm. Thank you for reading this page. By increasing your knowledge of the festival’s resources, you have now become a greater part of the heart of Electric Forest.

The wonder of The Forest is experienced to the fullest by those who arrive prepared to take care of themselves, our home, and each other.

This guide, along with the additional rules & information the website, serves as an initiation and a reminder for maximum Forest enjoyment. Sit down  and prepare for a crash course in the essentials of Electric Forest.


Presented in collaboration with The Forest’s most excellent subreddit community and moderators – r/ElectricForest and The Light Chasers



Set yourself and your camp up for success by making sure to bring the items listed below! If you forget anything, you can visit the General Store for most of your festival needs – batteries, snacks, camping equipment, and more. Check the festival map for the location of the General Store.


  • Your tent (make sure to stake it down!).
  • A tarp or two for any wet weather (do not leave the tarp exposed out from underneath your tent or it will turn into a giant puddle if it rains)
  • A rubber mallet (not metal, those will be confiscated, to stake down your tent).
  • Shade – one 10×10 pop up per four people is a good estimate. (Make sure to stake it down. It is not unusual to see at least one flying shade structure or tent during the course of the weekend. Don’t let it be yours.)
  • Camp chairs. Foldable ones, enough for your crew, and maybe a visitor if your car has the space.
  • Decorative tapestries to hang from the side of your shade tent. They block the sun when it’s not directly overhead, let a breeze through, and can also help you identify your camp.
  • Folding table. (You don’t want to have to move things from the lid of your cooler every time you need a snack.)
  • Camp lantern(s) – electric not flame! Try hanging one lantern from the roof of your tent, and one from the roof of your shade tent. Leave one on the table for accessibility. (Bonus points for solar-powered or those that use rechargeable batteries!)
  • Headlamp (like you see on miners or night time cyclists – using your phone as a light in the port-a-potties can end catastrophically!)
  • Spare batteries for everything (if you forget, they are available at the general store!).
  • A battery-powered tent fan is nice to have. They hang from the peak of your tent and keep the air flowing. They also keep you cool enough to take a midday nap, or sleep in.
  • Sleeping supplies. The ground isn’t soft. In addition to regular blankets and pillows, it’s nice to have a sleeping pad. Quality rest is key to restoring the energy needed for 4 days of Forest. Camping cots and air mattresses (with battery or car-powered inflator!) are also viable options.
  • Big trash and recycling bags – 60 gallons or larger is best! Pack a lot of them to keep your camp clean and respectful of the land and your neighbors. (Tie them to the legs of your shade tent to keep cleaning up extra easy, and to keep trash from flying away!) Neighborhood pods will have spare trash and recycling bags should you run out.
  • A portable speaker or radio to tune in to EF Radio! You’ll be at your camp for several hours a day, relaxing, eating, or just having some fun. Some people kill their car battery just to play some tunes. Don’t be that person. Just get something loud enough to enjoy over the music of your neighbors and the stages.
  • A flag and flagpole. The campgrounds are large, and it’s always nice to be able to locate your camp from far away. You can get collapsible flag poles for easy travel.


  • Cooler with ice. Fill your cooler at your last stop on the way in (some of the stores close to the festival sell out, so be prepared for that). The more full your cooler is, the slower the ice will melt. Block ice lasts even longer than chipped! If you run out of ice, your Neighborhood Pod has it for sale.
  • A small propane or butane cook stove with fuel and cooking utensils (if you plan to cook). Note that neither coal nor propane grills are not allowed due to increased fire risk.
  • Washable or disposable eating/drinking utensils (cups, plates, forks/spoons). Washable is the greenest choice – but make sure that you also bring biodegradable dish soap and a tub for the scrub!There is potable water within the campgrounds at your Neighborhood Pod. The sinks for that potable water are all tied into grey water basins. When you are done washing your dishes at camp, please strain out food particles, put the food a trash bag, and dispose of your grey water in a sink!
  • Small tub for washing dishes.
  • Reusable containers or bags for your snacks.
  • A water resistant container to store dry foods (and keep them dry).
  • Cloth or paper towels for clean up.


There are a huge variety of food vendors at Electric Forest, both in the campgrounds and in the venue. Depending on where you are camping, it could be a long way between you and the venue. You’re probably not going to want to make that walk every time you’re hungry, so a good mix of buying festival food and eating camp snacks is recommended.

Think about what you can prepare in advance that is healthy fuel for your festival body! Unless you’re a bold chef and want to spend a good amount of time and energy preparing hot meals at camp, consider what you can prep before you leave, such as…

  • Pasta salad – already prepared and bagged up with lots of veggies and healthy add-ins
  • Granola & energy bars
  • Fresh fruit and snackable veggies (cool cucumber, anyone?)
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Chips n’ dip, hummus n’ pita, tortillas n’ guac, carrots n’ peanut butter…
  • Muffins or other non-perishable baked goods
  • Cereal and milk/yogurt
  • Instant oatmeal/noodles and a way to make hot water
  • MRE’s – meals ready to eat that are packaged in pouches, like Tasty Bites
  • Sandwich supplies: peanut butter and jelly or lunch meat & condiments – and bread! Consider wraps instead of sandwiches, as tortillas travel better than bread does
  • Salt + pepper
  • Pre-cooked proteins (burgers, marinated chicken, etc) and associated dressings


Staying hydrated is the number one key to success. Period. Keep in mind that any drink with alcohol will dehydrate you, and that you must then drink extra water to regain the balance!

  • Everyone should have their own reusable water bottle or hydration pack – metal or plastic, not glass! Use this water vessel for all of your hydration needs.
  • Water. While bottled water may seem like the most convenient choice, those bottles are wasteful and unnecessary! Bring some reusable, non-glass gallon jugs if you need lots of camp water (there are filling stations all around the camps). Drink lots of water.
  • Electrolytes. Plants love ‘em (bad joke), but your body loves ‘em even more, especially when you’re demanding so much of it. Products such as Vitamin Water, Gatorade, Emergen-C, Coconut Water, and all of the fizzy electrolyte tabs out there are ideal for keeping the vital nutrients and minerals that you’re sweating out flowing through you.
  • Coffee supplies, if you’re a coffee drinker.
  • Tea + honey in case you start to lose your voice.

A note on Alcoholic beverages:

Only canned beer and boxed wine are allowed. No glass is allowed. The limit is 1 case of beer and 1 box of wine per person. You must be 21+ to bring in or consume alcohol. You cannot substitute a case of beer for a box of wine or vice-versa.


Weather can range from 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit – you must come prepared for it all.

  • Several choices of comfortable footwear. You will be walking and dancing many miles a day on rough terrain for 4+ days.Take care of your feet, and they will take care of you.
  • Long sleeves (hoodie, sweater)
  • Raincoat (better to have and not need than need and not have…)
  • Basic clothing for each warm day (long pants, more socks than you think you need, shorts, underwear, plenty of t-shirts/tank tops, sundresses, etc)
  • Bonus points: costumes for each day
  • Bathing suit for the waterpark
  • Waterproof footwear that is easy to put on (flip flops, etc)
  • Bandanas
  • Hats to keep the sun off your head
  • Sunglasses


  • A first aid kit (Band-Aids, blister pads, Neosporin, pain reliever, etc.)
  • Earplugs – a set to use when you sleep, and a set to protect your hearing when you dance!
  • A sleep mask (chances are you may still want to be asleep once the sun comes up)
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer (bonus points if it clips to your pack for easy access)
  • Your basics (soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts (+spares), glasses, fingernail clippers, shaving supplies, etc)
  • Any prescription medications that you may need in the Rx bottle labelled with the name that matches your id
  • A towel
  • A solar shower if you would prefer not to use the showers at your Neighborhood Pod
  • Gold bond and/or bodyglide (nobody wants chafing)
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Condoms (you know, just in case)
  • Sunscreen (use it! Your skin will thank you, and you’ll be sad without it)
  • Melatonin (as needed for sleep)


  • Your wristband (which will be mailed to you unless you live internationally – then you go to will call and ignore this suggestion)
  • Your phone and phone charging cord (to find your friends, take photos, and use the Electric Forest app. The app has the schedule, artist information, a festival map, sends out important alerts and updates, and more)
  • Plan to use the schedule on the app, or print out your paper schedules at home!
  • Plan to use the map on the app, or print out your paper map at home!
  • Bring a clear bag to allow for Express Entry as you enter the venue!
  • Map and directions to Rothbury and back (in case of phone troubles)
  • List of important phone numbers (just in case)
  • Spare car keys (one is none, two is one)
  • Cash or ATM card (the consensus is that $50 per festival day works well, with extra for the trip home)
  • Swiss army knife, or a multi-tool (camp setup, fixes, etc)
  • Duct tape (quick fixes, if you feel like being creative, or pretty much anything, it’s duct tape)
  • A USB battery, or solar charger to recharge all electronic devices.
  • Water toys (a colorful squirt toy, a mister, or whatever to cool down in the campgrounds on hot days)
  • Yoga mat (yoga happens every morning, check the schedule!)
  • A pen and notebook (in case you happen to find yourself inspired)
  • Jumper cables for your car battery, or to help someone else out.
  • A hammock (and straps!)
  • Hula hoops or other flow-toys (rechargeable or battery-powered if they glow, and any chargers you may need for them!)
  • Body/face paint (and a way to wash it off)
  • Your homemade totem (make sure it follows the official Totem guidelines)


  • The best way to get to Electric Forest is on a Shuttle. They leave from several major cities, and from Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and Chicago O’Hare Airports. You can get free early entry with the shuttle, and camping in the tent-only campground, which means that you don’t have to walk very far to anything!
  • If you’re travelling far by car, it’s always a good idea to have your car checked before the road trip. Oil good to go? Tire pressure A-OK?
  • Carpool, carpool, carpool! If you’re the only person in your car, you have to pay a lot more to park.
  • If you’re more than one car travelling together, set a plan with your friends (where you’re meeting on the trip, and what to do if something goes wrong). You may want to make your last stop in Muskegon or in the closest city in the direction you’re coming from. While you are there you can check to see if you forgot anything, fill up on ice (although they occasionally sell out), and top off your gas tank.
  • When you arrive to the gates, your vehicle will be searched. Be cooperative and friendly – these search teams are there doing their jobs to ensure a safe festival for everyone! They are predominantly looking for glass, fireworks, and weapons. Do not bring these things or any of the things in the festival guidelines that are not allowed.
  • Once you enter, please don’t move your car unless you have to. Driving in the campgrounds is disrespectful and discouraged. Plan to walk or take a shuttle or a pedicab. Definitely bring comfortable shoes!


  • Have your tent ready. Grab it out of your car along with your tarp and claim your spot. Set up your tents, then your shade tents, followed by furniture, flagpole, and accessories.
  • Meet your neighbors, learn their names, where they’re from, and if they’ve been to The Forest before. Nothing makes the campgrounds better than good neighbors!
  • The GA Campgrounds are laid out like a city, with blocks and streets. Each major street, and every block, has its own name.
  • Learn what block you’re on, and what cross-street is nearest your camp. The campgrounds are huge, and knowing your “address” is extremely helpful.
  • When you leave your camp to explore, all valuables should be locked in your car, and out of sight.
  • Make one of your first trips from camp to your Neighborhood Pod. There you will find information, showers, ice, and more. If anyone needs the help of the festival security or medical teams, bring them there, or head to the nearest Neighborhood Pod for assistance.
  • Clean your campsite daily, picking up any wayward items and trash. Nobody likes a litterbug.
  • The sun rises before 6 am, and sets after 10 pm. Pack your day/night backpacks accordingly for the time that you’ll be inside the venue (sunglasses and hammock during the day, hoodie, lights, and glowy things at night). Or, just use the lockers in the venue. Lockers can be reserved in advance to store all your things once you get inside
  • Go forth and explore. Welcome home.


  • On arrival to the venue entrance (next to the Ferris Wheel), there are several lines for the search stations. The list of things you can bring into the venue is different than what you can bring to the campgrounds. Check the festival guidelines.
  • Start your journey early if you’re heading in to catch a particular artist. The line for searches can take extra time when popular acts are about to perform.
  • If you’re entering with a group, make a plan to meet just inside the venue, as some searches take longer than others.
  • After the search of your bag/pockets, you will scan your wristband by waving it over a sensor and enter.
  • A water filling station will be to your left. If this first water station has a long line, the other water stations will not. Explore a little further or check the map on your phone to find other water stations (the one at Sherwood Court is almost always wide open). In a pinch, food and beverage vendors also offer water for purchase.
  • If you would like to keep things secure inside the venue, you can reserve a locker to use for a day or the whole weekend. It’s a good idea to do it in advance on the website as they sometimes sell out, but you can try to do it in person once you’re there too!


  • Please leave your campsite as clean as you found it – there will be trash pick ups for your bagged & tied trash. Taking care of the campgrounds results in good karma.
  • Take your bagged and tied up recycling to the EcoZone recycling center at your Neighborhood Pod. Turn your trash into treasure! You can earn Eco-points for your recycling, and win cool prizes from the Electricology team!
  • Take it easy Sunday night in preparation for your travel day.
  • Arrive with a full tank of gas, and don’t kill your car battery over the weekend.
  • If you have any trouble with your car, head to your Neighborhood Pod for assistance.
  • You may want to try and leave earlier than most people (before 9 am) for a shorter wait.
  • Patience is key as the Forest Family departs – please follow the directions of staff and signs.
  • If you need to pull off and sleep at a rest stop once you depart, be safe and do it!


  • The Forest is a marathon, not a sprint. Release yourself from the expectation of seeing everything and doing everything. Take care of yourself and your friends, and the time of your life will find you.
  • Drink water. Lots of water. Water, water, water and electrolytes. Make sure your friends drink water too. Hydration is crucial for successful Forest adventures.
  • Alcohol dehydrates you, which means you have to drink even more water after a beer.
  • Everything in moderation (except for water) – The Forest is a magical place when you’re sober.
  • Electric Forest exists within a wider culture for which sex and consent are topics that need careful learning and loving attention. Please bring the consciousness of consent with you as you celebrate with new (and old!) friends. If you would like to learn more about what consent means, click here for more information from RAINN.
  • If you need help, please ask right away.
  • If you see someone needs help, help them, or alert a staff member right away.
  • Places you can get help include: your Neighborhood Pod, from security at the venue entrances, from security at the front of the stages, at any medical or information booth, and from anyone working for the event.
  • Electric Forest Security Staff will be wearing a unique, numbered laminate and a security t-shirt. Please feel free to share your experience with security by contacting HQ and including the laminate number of the staff member you are referencing. You can do this on site at an info booth, or after the event on the website. If there is a concern, it is always best to know while the festival is happening so that HQ can work to address it!
  • Wear earplugs. Your hearing will thank you for it during the show, and your body will thank you for it when you get better sleep.
  • Pack your backpack once for the day, head back in the afternoon, repack it for night (or rent a locker in the venue.) For day: sunglasses, sunblock. For night: a light, any light up toys, extra clothing in case it gets cold.
  • You will likely miss meals doing what you’re doing. Eat festival food while you’re in the venue. Eat snacks at camp. Stay fueled.
  • Set up your tent before you leave for The Forest so you know what you’re doing when you get there. Take that opportunity to waterproof it with a good waterproofing spray (a wet tent can ruin your festival experience).
  • Do not drive your car in the campgrounds. Technically, you can drive to leave the festival and come back, but please only do so if absolutely necessary. Every campground road is a walkway for Forest Family. It is disrespectful, and can be dangerous to force your car through their yard and path.
  • Should you need extra supplies, plan to walk, take a shuttle, or use a pedicab. The General Store in the campgrounds expands every year with the most requested items, and more than likely can save you any trips you might make to town.
  • The best choice for your valuables is to leave them at home. Any valuables that you must bring with you should be locked in your car out of sight when you are not using them. Or, you can rent a locker in the festival venue to keep your things cool and safe.
  • Glass is dangerous, and also prohibited. Be conscientious and don’t bring any.
  • Fireworks are extremely dangerous considering the flammable nature of everyone’s tent and The Forest itself. Do not bring them.
  • Do not bring prayer lanterns (the ones you light on fire to create a tiny hot air balloon). What goes up must come down. They have created fires, killed and maimed wildlife, and leave scrap everywhere around the festival. Even if they claim to burn up or be biodegrade, it’s not true.
  • Do not use The Forest as a dump for your trash, recycling, or camping supplies that you no longer want. Respect is essential to the future of the festival, and we can all do a better job of leaving the campgrounds as clean as we found them! Please bag your trash and leave it out for a pick up if it is inconvenient to bring home with you. Your bagged recycling can go to the EcoZone Recycling Center at your Neighborhood Pod.
  • Do not dump your trash in Rothbury, or Muskegon, or Grand Rapids, or at any gas or convenience store along the way. Respect our neighbors – they are important to the future of The Forest! Either bring it all the way home, or follow the instructions you just read above to responsibly dispose of it on site.
  • If you want to do more with Forest HQ, check out the Plug In Programs on the website – they are great opportunities to have a big impact at Electric Forest!

If you’re coming to The Forest for a magical experience while abstaining from mind altering substances, there are several clean and sober support groups that have your back.

CAMP TRACTION – Clean & Sober Camping

Camp Traction hosts a drug and alcohol free group camping space, including two daily recovery meetings, at no extra cost for anyone wanting a sober camping experience. Whether you’re joining with friends or coming solo, you’ll have a supportive sober forest fam when you arrive.

THE JELLYFISH  – String Cheese Fans Who Enjoy Incidents Sober

The Jellyfish will be hosting a table and daily recovery meetings in the Ranch Lobby for anyone seeking clean and sober support or looking for some substance-free friends to boogie with.

THE HUMMINGBIRDS  – Bassnectar Fans Who Rage Substance Free

Check in with The Hummingbirds and plan to rage together.


The following is an excerpt of a personal Clean & Sober Electric Forest experience:

“That first year I definitely had some nervousness going on as this environment can be rough. Then I found the Camp and immediately felt at home. To start feeling comfortable I would go to everyone in camp and introduce myself.  Everyone was so welcoming. Then we had our first campsite meeting. These are quiet, unencumbered by distraction, and usually have some great sharing happen. It was important to share honestly so everyone could know where I was at.

Inside the venue, the first place we went was the Jellyfish table. There are ALWAYS clean and sober folks there, and it provides a tether to my reality whenever I get a little lost. Sometime just knowing that they are there is all that I need. There are regular meetings there and there is ALWAYS a meeting during the String Cheese set break. I only came to the Forest with one sober friend, but started to travel through the forest with many sober new friends. We would break off in small groups to see the artists we wanted or just to explore Sherwood Forest. We would all meet up before the String Cheese set behind the soundboard (stage left) and there would be a huge sober dance party in that spot every night (and for every EF to come). Do not miss this dance party!!!

There have been times where people have really been struggling, and the entire camp would rally together for them. Everyone I have met at Camp Traction, at Electric Forest, and at the Jellyfish tent have been people with open hearts, open minds, and a lot of love to give. I took away new friendships that have lasted until today. All that was required was being a little willing to take a risk and stick my hand out (or arms out for a hug) to some people I didn’t know. It is a family, make no mistake.” – Mike

 Rules & Resources


Camp Traction hosts a FREE clean and sober group campsite that is alcohol and substance free. This crew’s primary purpose is to provide an empowering home base for those who would like to participate in a clean and sober experience.

If you are joining Camp Traction you must purchase a Camp Traction Group Camp ticket ($0). Each person who would like to join Camp Traction must have a GA Camping Wristband to access the festival.

“Camp Traction consists of music fans who choose to experience festivals and shows without the use of drugs or alcohol. We are not affiliated with AA, NA, this festival or any other organized recovery group. We are simply a group of people who share the common bond of enjoying musical events in a clean & sober state. We offer support, strength and hope to those who seek what we share.”

For more information visit

Follow Camp Traction’s Facebook Page

 Rules & Resources


The Jellyfish are a group of String Cheese Incident fans who support the clean and sober community by hosting a table, meetings, and meet ups in the Ranch Lobby every year. This location is an excellent check-in spot for anyone seeking support, or looking to make some new friends.

“The Jellyfish are group of men and women who choose to experience String Cheese Incident shows without the use of drugs or alcohol. Our primary purpose is to provide a safe environment for clean & sober String Cheese Incident fans. We are not affiliated with AA, NA, or any other 12 step program. We are also not affiliated with The String Cheese Incident. We are a group of people who share the common bond of enjoying incidents while choosing to remain clean and sober. One Incident at a Time.”

For more information visit

Follow Jellyfish’s Facebook Page

 Rules & Resources


The Hummingbirds are a group of Bassnectar fans who are a great resource for anyone looking for a crew of sober Bass Heads to rage with. 

“Our only requirement for membership is the desire to remain sober at Bassnectar shows. Our members come from all walks of life. Some of us have been following Bassnectar for years, some are new to the scene. Some of us are in recovery from drug addiction, and some of us have never tried drugs. We do not shame drug use. Not everyone in the group lives a life abstinent from all substances, but all choose to rage sober together at Nectar shows.”

Join The Hummingbirds Facebook Group