April 21st, 2020

Looking Forward to Electric Forest 2021!

Forest Family,

After weeks of discussions, input and direction from state and local authorities, and with a full focus on the safety of our community, we have made the decision to look ahead and reunite in 2021.

Sit back from your screen for a moment, close your eyes, and imagine the energy when gates finally open to celebrate the 10th chapter of Electric Forest. Imagine the moment music begins to fill the air. Imagine positive vibrations at levels we have never felt in our lifetimes. It will be an immense moment of celebration, and preparing for that energy will keep Forest HQ working tirelessly until opening day.

In times like these we are grateful to stand strong with you as the Forest Family. We are also eternally thankful to the family members who come together to create so much each year. This includes the artists, actors, builders, food and craft vendors, law enforcement, medical partners, operations teams, production teams, supply partners, and so many others who individually and collectively make Electric Forest so very special and unique.

We are stronger as a community than we are as individuals. Knowing that we will all gather again soon will remain a bright spark and a guiding light—and we will build our moment together.

With the news of this year’s cancellation due to COVID-19 comes two options for members of the Forest Family that currently hold Electric Forest 2020 Wristband(s) & Lodging Packages:

  • Retain your Wristband(s) & Lodging Packages for Electric Forest, Summer 2021
  • Submit for a refund (including fees)

Wristband(s) & Lodging Package Purchasers will be contacted via email within the next 48 hours. Keep an eye out for an email from Festival Ticketing or from The Official Wristband Exchange (depending on where you purchased from) outlining refund and retainment options. You will have thirty (30) days from the receipt of the email to respond with your choice. The deadline to respond to this request is May 21, 2020.

Please read the below FAQ’s for more detailed information. As always, reaching out to info@electricforestfestival.com is the preferred avenue for further assistance.

– Forest HQ



The Official Wristband Exchange will remain open for those who retain their 2020 purchase for 2021 and may find themselves with extra Wristbands for next summer, or for those looking for any specific Wristband or Lodging Package type for Electric Forest 2021.

Since The Official Wristband Exchange will remain open through Electric Forest 2021, you will be able to put 2020 purchases on The Official Wristband Exchange. They will be sold as 2021 Wristband(s) & Lodging Packages.

If you have previously purchased for 2020 using the Wristband Exchange, you will be eligible for a refund or for the opportunity to retain your Wristband for use in 2021.

Early payouts will be offered to fans who have sold their 2020 Wristbands & Lodging Packages via the Official Wristband Exchange. Going forward, there will be monthly payouts for sellers. Further details coming soon.


All 2020 Wristband & Lodging Package purchasers will have until May 21, 2020 to decide to either retain their order for Electric Forest 2021 or request a refund for 2020.

If you do not take action within the 30 day window, you will automatically retain your 2020 Wristband(s) or Lodging Package which will be valid for Electric Forest 2021.

2020 Wristband & Lodging Package orders CANNOT be split. This means that all Wristbands & Lodging Packages purchased within any single transaction / order must be either retained for Electric Forest 2021 or refunded (and your entire order cancelled). Partial transfers or exchanges are not available.

For those choosing to retain orders for 2021, your order will remain the exact same as when originally purchased. There will be no transfers or exchanges – the Wristband or Lodging Package(s) you purchased for 2020 will be your only available option.


If you are unable to commit to attending Electric Forest 2021 and choose to submit for a refund, please allow up to 30 days for your refund to process. Refunds can only be issued to the card used on the original transaction.

Merchandise is non-refundable; if merchandise was included on the original transaction the amount will be excluded from the refund when processed.

Event Insurance purchases are non-refundable.


Those in the Loyalty Program that choose to retain Wristbands or Lodging Packages to Electric Forest 2021 will not be allowed to purchase additional Wristbands or Lodging Packages for 2021 using their Loyalty benefits. Additionally, if you choose to retain your Wristband, your Loyalty status will be unchanged until you register your Wristband in the summer of 2021.


2020 Group Campers have two options – retain Group Camping Passes for 2021, or submit for a refund (including fees). Purchasers will be contacted via email. If you are a Group Camp Leader looking for a refund, please be prepared to designate somebody else in your group as the Leader so the group is not dissolved. For those that have formed a group of more than 20 but have members unable to attend in 2021, do not fret – your groups will remain in place and will not be dissolved. Reach out to FEVO directly at support@fevo.com with any issues.

2020 Shuttle Purchases will be automatically refunded – reach out directly to info@bus.com with any issues.

2020 Locker Purchases will be automatically refunded – details on this will be sent via an email from Entertainment Lockers soon.

Work Exchange Team FanStaff who have applied and been accepted for Electric Forest 2020 will be automatically issued no-fee cancellations. Those who have already been accepted to the FanStaff program at Electric Forest 2020 will receive an email with details. Reach out to wet@workexchangeteam.com for further information.