Brothers Aric and Alexander Waldman are an artist duo creating immersive sensory experiences that blur the lines between art and science to stimulate the mind and excite the imagination.

Alexander has a background in experiential design and film/television production, encompassing everything from prop-making to projection mapping. Employing a human-centered design philosophy in his practice, his work strives to connect with people on an emotional level by combining classic special effect techniques with technology, creating an evocative human experience.

Aric has formal training in art theory and practice and is unbound by a single medium. Acknowledging that the way people ultimately engage with and experience art is beyond the artist’s control, Aric is driven to create works that make people “feel.” Approaching each piece on the most fundamental level, he allows space for people to continuously bring their own experiences, past and present, to his work. His pieces often explore relationships between who we are, who we were, and where we are going.

The Night Lily is an ethereal kinetic sculpture nestled high in the Forest canopy. Like a mirage, its petals shimmer with light as it blooms and wilts in an endless cycle, drawing wanderers near to bask in its sparkling mist. As the sun sets, the energy of the Forest breathes life into the Night Lily; its hypnotic patterns invite you to immerse yourself in its captivating glow, creating a uniquely intimate space in which strangers can become friends, sharing their stories and secrets.