Cerebral Concepts is the brainchild of Michael Clougherty, who saw an opportunity to bring lessons from modern fabrication to the visionary art & festival communities. Michael's craft, expertise & machining have been requested by Chris Dyer, MARS1, Ben Ridgeway & many more. With his new shop in the forest of western PA, Michael has had more time to pursue his own work and collaborations with other artists.

One of those artists is James Gyre, who is best known for founding Naked Geometry. James is a serious student of geometry, with an added focus on fine woodworking and forms in nature. James & Michael have been friends & collaborators for years, and much of the best work has been made side by side. They've spent a lot of time studying 3d solids, polyhedra & geodesic domes, and have been scheming up a crystal dome, glowing in the woods.

Their dome is a rhombic triacontahedron. The art of the panels emphasizes it's icosidodecahedron dual, as we as hexagon nesting, star nets & aperiodic rhombus tiling. Don't worry... there won't be a test!

An immersive 3D environment. A social catalyst. An alignment of engineering, geometry, lighting & art. A meeting place. A sanctuary. A perfect forest memory.