The Midnight Lotus - will act as a beacon for the Electric Forest community the day and late into the night. The transformative space is sure to be a great zone for both personal meditation and communal interaction by day and night. This all new installation be an amazing visual highlight for all to enjoy! Created by artist Charlie "Blackcat" Smith and Friends. Sparseland Studios. Atlanta, Georgia.

Artist Charlie "Blackcat" Smith is based out of Sparseland Studios located in the historic West End area of Atlanta, Georgia. Charlie's art studio space has been a launching pad for building his interactive art experiences both nationally and internationally since 1997. Charlie is known for creating large scale interactive metal sculpture. He delivers immersive levels of visual experiences to the participants of events through his creations. To learn more about Charlie and his visionary works please visit his web site or like Sparseland Studios facebook page.

"I'm really looking forward to sharing this epic artifact with the Electric Forest family!"
Truly, Charlie "Blackcat" Smith