Krissy & Heather Stiver are native Texans and biological sisters. Together they are the owners, operators, and head “bartenders” at The Complimentary Bar. We create a carefree environment that gives people permission to interact. It’s an organic social experience that boosts self-confidence through the exchange of compliments. The Bar is where the awkward, the lost and the solo adventurers form connections with a tribe of new friends. The Complimentary Bar is always open, as “guest bartenders” are invited to step behind the bar and serve compliments day or night!

Happiness is always on tap and the 1st rounds on us!

For EF2022, the Reincarnation Village has teamed up with The Complimentary Bar to create something truly magical! The previously elusive Scorpion Bar is receiving an “in-your-face”, neon-western makeover to attract curious humans, where they’ll be greeted with smiles, good vibes and lots of laughs. As always, compliments are on tap and the 1st round is on us! See you in The Forest.