The Cymatic Sandbox will be a space where forest dwellers can activate their sensory and perception centers through light, touch, and vibration in a completely transformational way. Through synthesizing the ancient meditative art form of Zen gardens and the newly discovered science of Cymatic technology, festival-goers will be able to sit all around the sandbox and use their hands to create an ever-evolving sand mural while rainbow colors gently reflect through the lines drawn in the sand. When viewers look down into of the base of the sandbox, they'll see vibrating plates reacting to sound which causes them to form beautiful designs in the sand.


Jana has always had a passion for finding beauty in the synthesis of art and science. She believes that humanity can use art to help better understand and perceive the universe. By creating spaces where humans can contemplate who, what, and why we are, Jana hopes to help us remind ourselves that we are all connected through vibration and that we are all one.