Giving an environment to the Foresters to allow them to express themselves, discover their talent, and interact with the community is the driving force behind Dark Moon Design’s creations. They cherish the curiosity of being human and look to nurture that honest and vulnerable exploration of the unknown. The team has roots in Chicago and you can find any of them doing a plethora of things; most of the team works within the lighting industry as lighting technicians, directors, and designers. When not hands deep in lights, they are catching shows, road-tripping, hiking, and overall adventuring. Finding inspiration in anything and everything, Dark Moon Designs strives to only go onward and upward--always taking it further.

Nestled in the Forest, a group of nature-consumed light-drums wait for Forester interaction. The Drum Circle is created for the Forest community, in order to build it further and nourish bonds between individuals through music-making.