Darren Minke specializes in Artwork that utilizes and magnifies the natural world.

His sculptures and installations are built from materials found onsite, or repurposed from other projects or waste. His goal is to create minimal waste and minimal consumption in the process of creating his artwork.

His creations include giant birds, flowers, or other creatures composed of branches, leaves, vines and moss. They are often ensconced within a surrounding environment that lights up brilliantly as night falls.

Beija Flor is the Portuguese word for hummingbird, which translates as “flower kisser”. The hummingbird kisses the flowers it visits bringing fertility and more beauty into the world.

The hummingbird is a powerful totem in medicine ceremonies in Central and South America, where it can bridge the worlds of the material and the spiritual.

Our hummingbird sits in a mandala garden of visual delights which beckons you to come explore as the lights of the forest are illuminated!