DIALIN is a team of four artists, Krystleyez, Randal Roberts, Morgan Mandala, & Sweet Melis, who collaborate on large-scale murals and art installations of cascading flowers, plants, and precious objects. Growing out of strong roots of friendship, DIALIN has been live painting in ReIncarnation Village at Electric Forest since 2016.

As performance painters, DIALIN offers the opportunity to witness the unfolding of an improvised work of art. Their individual styles dance together in a playful, conversational way, much like a band. The results are always surprising, sweet, and as dream-like as the process itself.

By providing space for the creative spirit to flourish, their installations serve as a living oasis and a place to explore new possibilities in paint, collaboration and connection. DIALIN hopes to ignite inspiration to work together with love and trust to create a world more beautiful than is possible to create alone.