Wake The Giant is a Chicago based design and fabrication company dedicated to transforming specialized events into memorable experiences. Through functional art and design, with an emphasis on salvaged materials, we develop creative elements that serve to enhance the personal experience by developing emotionally compelling, richly detailed, and well-crafted environments.

Our work is a juxtaposition of the past and the present, wherein the design scheme materials are the protagonist of our creative process. This is executed through the exploration of discarded resources while orchestrating these objects’ histories into a new form, meaning and function.

Along the way to our mission, we have collaborated with passionate artists that help us in pursuing our goals and empowering our spirits. It is thanks to their shared effort and talent that our visions take shape. With an intricate effort in collaborative synthesis and sustainable design, we invite the eye not to rush along, but to rest awhile and dwell within the enjoyment of this transformation.

ElectrIcology Prize Carts were created to present an iconic visual element for the festival that inspires patrons to participate in the Electric Forest's Electricology Program.

Vintage Burger Bar (an official name is yet to be selected) is a new EF food activation that was created in the visual aesthetic of a vintage drive-in burger joint

Cereal Sundae is an expanded food activation in last years GA that provides a vintage ice cream parlor vibe which serves breakfast cereal " sundaes" while paying homage to classic Saturday morning cartoons.