Logan Walden is a nationally known visionary artist based out of Ohio. Walden describes his work as “Sci-fi-Delic Dreamscapes”. Logan began his art career in 2012 and has since showcased his work in many galleries and festivals throughout the United States. Wielding a brush with acrylic on canvas is his most prolific practice, however, Walden has created impressive works within other mediums as well as murals and digital illustrations. This year at Electric Forest, Logan will be painting live at the Hive Gallery located in Reincarnation Village.

Logan starts a blank canvas at the beginning of the festival and works on the piece throughout the weekend event. Guests are able to check on the progress as they pass by, ask questions, interact with him, or take a seat in one of Logan's "Sound Troughs" and watch the painting progress as they listen to music that Logan has selected. The Hive Gallery displays other paintings by Logan for visitors to see his body of work which helps give context to the painting in progress.