Medicine Heart Murals (MHM) strives to tell the stories of the lands we inhabit, of those who came before, and of those yet to come. Highlighting concepts of land justice and environmental urgency, these paintings are offered to honor the soul of the land where each was created, and kindle connection and resilience for a path forward. MHM is a collaborative live-painting mural team from Asheville, NC that combines the skills, perspectives, and artistic talents of Dillon Endico, Annie Kyla Bennett, Jack Henry, and Kaylee Collinson into one cohesive mural style. MHM specializes in creating colorful and evocative murals that tell locally relevant stories often featuring local culture, landscapes, animals, human figures, movement and magic.

Medicine Heart Murals returns to Electric Forest for their fourth year; for the first time bringing on board a fourth collaborator to take their collaborative explorations to the next level. Together artists Annie Kyla Bennett, Kaylee Collinson, Dillon Endico, and Jack Henry will be creating a live painted collaborative mural meditating on the concepts of "identity" and "community;" exploring the ways in which these concepts interrelate and make us whole.