Monos Menos Manos (m³ for short) is a Chicago-based collective that creates immersive sensory experiences to stimulate the mind and excite the imagination. Drawing on a wealth of disciplines ranging from film, programming, and art theory to biology, engineering, and visual cognition research, we blur the lines between art and science to make unique and memorable experiences for audiences of all ages.

The Night Lily is an ethereal kinetic sculpture nestled high in the Forest canopy. During the day it lies dormant, a beautiful flowerbud sneaking out now and then for a peek at the world around it. At night, however, the energy of the Forest breathes life into the Night Lily as it blooms into a mesmerising spectacle of light, color, and motion. Like a mirage, its petals and tendrils shimmer with light as it pulses rhythmically, while its captivating glow draws you deeper into the heart of the Forest.