Rae Vena is a visual artist and live painter of Visionary, Pop, Surrealism. Inspired to create from the spark within, her artwork is transformational and uses both acrylic and oil paints to share a radiant paint palette ranging from pastel neons to dark metallic rainbow. Through the experience of live painting, Rae celebrates with a mix of eccentric art styles she's acquired from her festival travels. You can find Rae Vena creating her prismatic live paintings at many different events summer, inspired by her new 2022 revival theme "Rainbow Renaissance".

"May my artwork empower and lift your spirit as it has mine. I am with joy and many blessings to know my curious, colorful paintings could brighten your day! With eternal gratitude, thank you for supporting my soul expression.” @Raevena_visual_artist

"Rainbow Renaissance" is a live art performance presenting the 2022 radiant paint palette of Rae Vena visual artist. Rae is honored to be returning for her 5th year performing at Electric Forest, creating her visionary paintings within the Reincarnation Village.

This year Rae will channel the creative energy of Electric Forest, with a new conductive theme and vibrantly painted figures in acrylic paint on canvas. The art of “Rainbow Renaissance” will have an enchanting and celebratory aura that awakens the senses and visualizes the moment arriving perfect~ just as it is. This summer we are the revival of art, music, and dance culture. The renaissance takes place in our hearts, our minds, how we see the world, and how create together again. Together, we co-create a rainbow abundance of inspiration, to be here now. Come celebrate the "Rainbow Renaissance" sharing love and live art throughout the weekend at the Reincarnation Village!