Smartmouth Designs is a full-service design-build company, based out of Chicago. Always up for challenge, we enjoy working on custom installations and projects that get our creative juices flowing. Our team of artist work with all materials from wood to paint to metal to glass and everything in between. Led by, artist first business owner second, Alex Morales. Since starting Smartmouth in 2001, he has designed and built multiple well-known bars and restaurants throughout Chicago. He has a gift for seeing and transforming old, used, even discarded pieces into works of art. Our motto at Smartmouth is 'we build it. you like it'

The Hanger is a step into a quaint 1950's town. It's a bustling little town filled with beautifully unique characters, decor, and interactive experiences. Stop by and get a dapper haircut at the Barber Shop, enjoy the sun at the putt-putt course, or get those back kinks buffed out at Rosie's. However, there's more than meets the eye, figure out the towns little secrets and riddles to fully immerse yourself in the hanger experience.