Florentine Farms, the creation of mastermind Stephen Rhoades, has been manifesting magnificent light structures and installations from the beginning of time. Nestled in the deep woods of Vermont, the Florentine Farms team works year-round to bring you the biggest works of LED art. See LED's and mirrors used like never before.

Are you ready?

With a BA in Studio Art and a successful history of installation work, his creativity is rooted in not only a strong technical foundation but a sound logistical approach. Two-time recipient of Electric Forest’s Plug-in grant, Stephen has shown excellence and professionalism in designing, planning, managing, and completing lighting Installations on time, on budget, and strong enough to hold up to even the toughest crowds.

After 2 years in isolation, Stephen and the Florentine Farms crew are ready to melt your brains and blow you away, prepare yourselves for the biggest return ever!