Commemorating Decade One of Electric Forest, HQ is collaborating with visual artists to create commissioned pieces that represent the last ten years of Forest history.

The first of these collaborations anchored the Electric Forest visual art scene, which can be found throughout the website, social networks, and all other visual assets that celebrate the 10-year reunion.

When this piece of fine art was finished, the internal graphics team digitally integrated colorful, abstracted accents and intertwined atmospheric movement to showcase both the classic and contemporary aura of Decade One in The Forest.

HQ will unveil a series of art pieces throughout the year, all created by live painters that specifically design their compositions using the Electric Forest spirit as a muse.

These one-of-a-kind pieces of commissioned art will be presented for purchase throughout the year. Stay tuned for more information as these pieces are released.

See the first available commissioned art piece below, and stay tuned as more commissioned art pieces are revealed!


Oil Paint on Wood. 1 of 1.

 Forest Commissioned Art

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the charity of the artist’s choosing. Jason has chosen to support Scleroderma research and awareness. Learn more about the Scleroderma Foundation here.


As a figurative artist, Jason Aponte is extremely interested in the effect of contemporary life and the psychology of the individual. The canvas allows him to present to the viewer elements that of the subject’s psychology, such as color, form, and light, ultimately leading to a portrait or scene that presents his take on the minutia of contemporary life. The natural situations we experience every day often contain beautiful, unseen elements that are quite telling about the facets of contemporary life that shape our conception of ourselves as individuals, which he attempts to capture with his work. As a classically trained artist, Aponte works toward achieving a realistic representation of his subject.  Although there are some abstract elements in his work, they are present to enhance the emotions he experiences toward his subjects.


“The process of creating this piece involved many hours of developing a concept that embodies the energy and values of Electric Forest and the Forest Family. This took many hours of inventing different iterations of color studies, backgrounds, faces, and clothing. Once the clarity of the vision was achieved, I was able to commit to the final concept, which was created using oil paint on wood. I paint in a direct manner called “alla prima”, which is a wet-on-wet technique of paint application. This has a way of keeping the energy of the brush stroke.

I am extremely excited to be connected to Electric Forest because I admire its vision,  I identify with music as a universal language (and a requirement while I paint in the studio), and I appreciate this festival as an outlet through which individuals can express themselves. The lights, colors, sculptures, costumes all create textures that you cannot experience in the daily grind of life, truly making it easy to draw inspiration.

Throughout the process, I learned that Electric Forest and I share a set of values. It is important to me that we accept each other for who we are and The Forest makes this a priority in everything they do. My art is about people and accepting our differences. It makes me happy to collaborate with an event that encourages people to be themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.”


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