2019 Winners Selected

Art Installation Sponsorship

Each year, The Forest reimagines itself with new art, fresh experiences, and a healthy dose of inspiration. The Art Installation Sponsorship program is the chance to bring dreams sparked by The Forest to life.

For the seventh year in a row, builders and artists are invited to bring something new to Electric Forest – in The Hangar, greeting the Forest Family, in Tripolee field, on Main Street, or even, in very select circumstances, in Sherwood Forest itself!



Artist: Stephen Rhoades // Essex Junction, VT

Immerse yourself in the realm of endless reflection. See yourself and Sherwood Forest like you have never seen before. Watch your friends rediscover not only themselves but also the World around them.

The Infinity Temple exemplifies the magnificence of mirrors, lights and boundlessness.  Truly allowing you to explore the depths of outward reflection as well as a more intimate immersion into the bounds of inward introspection. The biggest installation built by the Florentine Farms crew out of Vermont, we promise you will not be disappointed. Prepare yourselves.

 Art Installation Sponsorship


Artist: Tara Midkiff // Louisville, KY

Electric Cycle is an interactive windmill enticing Forest folk with a dynamic display of light and color. By day, the translucent cloudy rainbow exterior will split sun-rays into visible colors, while at night the windmill will be illuminated by enchanting lights.

Those who play with their perspective will be delighted by multiple prisms and unpredictable color patterns bouncing around the surface. Viewers can further engage with the installation by rotating it’s fan blade via a crank; empowering Foresters while powering the art! Come spread good energy into the Forest with the Electric Cycle!

 Art Installation Sponsorship


Artist: LUNA Studio // New Orleans, LA

In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe a classic gas-light stood as the lone symbol in the forest that adventure awaits just beyond its glow.

Lamplighter embodies this spirit and symbolism through creating a giant and immersive lamplight for festival goers to discover within the forest. This human-scale lantern creates an interior space in which attendees are empowered to create their own lighting effects.

 Art Installation Sponsorship