2015 Installation Winner – Domo Arigato, Mr. Reflecto

Congratulations to Domo Arigato, Mr. Reflecto – the installation selected for Sherwood Forest through the 2015 Installation Sponsorship Program!

 2015 Installation Winner – Domo Arigato, Mr. Reflecto

About the Installation – Artist Statement

Sherwood Forest is a creature of transformation. The spirit of The Forest has two distinct faces — one is revealed during the daytime, the other at night. A cloud of two-way mirror cubes suspended among the trees, “Domo Arigato, Mr. Reflecto” engages both faces of Sherwood Forest, undergoing its own transformation as day turns to night.

The cubes hover overhead in the daylight, reflecting the forest environment and its inhabitants. Unique mosaics of The Forest are created and recreated, framed by the Forest inhabitants’ changing positions beneath the cloud. As the sun sets, Domo awakens from hibernation, breathing in unison with the spirit of The Forest. LED strips illuminate the cubes from within, creating captivating spaces of visual infinity and virtual voids.

The cloud creates unique perspectival experiences, encouraging viewer participation, activating the cohesive forest organism. These unique perspectival moments converge as Domo’s cubes merge to form an anamorphic projection from Sherwood Court. Domo Arigato, Mr. Reflecto invites Forest dwellers to engage with the various forms of transformation that lie at the heart of the Electric Forest spirit.

About the Team

Helena Kang
Team Prime Minister
Designer, builder, and mama-bird to the Domo Arigato brain-child, Helena is inspired by the spirit of music festivals, outdoor adventures, and artistic experimentation. Her background in architecture and penchant for digital fabrication and tinkering bring a creative ideation to our projects.

Jaemoon Rhee
Team Guru
A Georgia-Tech graduate and soon-to-be Master’s student at Michigan, Jae is the father of many beautiful parametric design projects. He’s a CAD wizard that fixes every tech problem we can come up with.

Carlos Castillo
Team Cactus
A recent architecture graduate from SPSU, Carlos provides much-needed logistical design support for all our artistic whims and fancies. His keen management skills and spirited balance of artistry and fabrication keep us grounded and productive.

Sky Rockit
Team Sensei
Hailing from California, Sky has worked production for burns, art projects, and in the movie industry for many years. A sky-diver and fire-breather–turned art fabricator, his experience in building, fabrication, and design are an irreplaceable strength to our team.

Miriam Robinson
Team Whip
Miriam is a sculpture fabricator and project coordinator at Formations Studio. Passionate about public art, she has assisted in numerous public murals, installations, and sculptures. She attends to the meticulous details of production with great care, while keeping each project pushing forward.

The Domo team is a collage of designers and fabricators working at Formations Studio. Special thanks to Tristan Al-Haddad of Formations Studio for his mentorship and support.