2017 The Pisces Pool Art Installation Winner

"On the still calm waters of surrender, reflections of clarity appear."
-Bryant McGill

Pisces Pool is a digital media-based reflection pool where the Forest Family will gather and interact with a continually evolving environment. An observer’s movement causes ripples and waves. In stillness, the pool’s light fish will ease in their movement and approach a visitor’s hands.

 2017 The Pisces Pool Art Installation Winner

The intention for this pool is to cultivate a space that rewards stillness and meditative observation, along with action and play. It provides a visual interactive experience that fuses with the natural world of a healing meditation pool. Pisces Pool is inspired by the 12th astrological Zodiac sign. The Pisces archetype brings fluid creativity and compassionate behavior. The visual content draws from the Pisces constellation, which depicts two fish tethered eternally in the sky.

This creative team of artist designers behind Pisces Pool is based in southeast Michigan. They have great eye for the relationship between the natural ecology of the world around us and technology. HQ is excited to see the ripple effect they make when they come to the Forest.

Welcome Pisces Pool!