2018 Portals Art Installation Winner!

HQ is proud to announce Portals as a 2018 Plug In Art Installation Sponsorship Winner!

 2018 Portals Art Installation Winner!

Life is full of duality: resting reflection and active forward movement. “The Portals” take you on an inward journey of reflection and navigate your path to the future.

A dazzling LED display plays with the eye, questioning reality and perspective. The use of mirrors and light will allow you to see yourself… and where you’re going.

Where will they take you?

“The Portals” are the brainchild of a Vermont based artist, Stephen Rhoades. A manipulator of light and space, Stephen has been creating art with glass, metal, clay, wood and electronics for over 10 years. As an Electric Forest veteran, Stephen is dedicated to bringing unique experiences to Sherwood, now and forever.

Welcome to The Forest Portals!