Sherwood Forest Chapel

Forest Forever Sherwood Weddings

New for 2018, Electric Forest is introducing Official Forest Forever Sherwood Weddings. Each weekend, twelve (12) couples will get the chance to be officially married in The Chapel by a licensed marriage officiant.

The fantasy weddings and ceremonies that have always taken place in The Chapel will remain. These are different. These are official. These are forever.

The first twelve (12) applicants for each weekend will be contacted for scheduling. Once twelve (12) applicants apply for each weekend, submissions will close.


If your submission is confirmed, please make sure that you bring your own completed Michigan marriage license to Electric Forest. The Forest is not responsible for, and cannot complete the marriage process without, a completed Michigan marriage license provided by marriage participants.


Submissions will be accepted for review from February 14 until twelve (12) spots are filled for each weekend.

 Forest Forever Sherwood Weddings