A Celebration of Love

A Celebration of Forest-Found Couples

In 2019, The Forest introduced A Celebration of Forest-Found Couples.

The Forest overflows with LOVE – Love discovered through vibrations of song, swinging in the hammocks of Sherwood Forest, exploring hidden gems in The Hangar, uncovering Fairy Doors, sharing a meal on Main Street, or disco-ing silently late-night.

In 2019, HQ celebrated love found in The Forest, welcoming Forest-Found couples to submit their Forest love stories and gather at Electric Forest 2019 to honor that love.


HQ extended an invitation to all who submitted advanced Forest-Found Couples submissions.

The Forest-Found Couples Celebration took place on Friday, June 28, 2019 in The Chapel of Sherwood Forest. Only those who arrive at the event with their confirmation message were granted admission to the Forest-Found Couples Celebration.


“Ten years ago we met during Willie Nelson at Rothbury 2009. Both of our lives were impacted in a profound way by our experiences at Rothbury 2008, and we were both active on all the Rothbury message boards and other social media outlets – so we had plenty to talk about. We exchanged numbers when we finally parted ways, and a few weeks later found ourselves going on our first date (Rusted Root concert). Even though we lived a couple hours apart, it wasn’t long before we were spending every weekend together going to more and more concerts and festivals together, having a lot of fun, creating wonderful memories, making mutual friends, and falling head over heels in love.

About a year after our first date, we combined forces and created a household together along with Candy’s daughter. Fast forward through the years, and we’re still going strong! We own a home together now, and continue to go on adventures in search of life lasting memories. Our walls are decorated with posters from both Rothbury and Electric Forest, and we probably talk about something that happened at the Double JJ every single day. We’ve been to every single Electric Forest together (including both weekends in 2017 and 2018), and will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this coming year!

As luck would have it, we’ve also been able to help put the festival together over the years. In 2012 I had an opportunity to join the crew that builds Sherwood Forest, and have had various responsibilities over the years. Candy started working with the Art Bar as an Art Tender in 2017. Through those opportunities, we’ve made lifelong friends that we call family, and over the years we have shared so many special moments at the Double JJ. We even got to spend our 5th anniversary camping in almost the exact spot that we met in 2009.

There is so much more to our story, and still so much more to come. We are so fortunate to have found each other when and where we did. To us Rothbury was more than a festival. It was something very special. We’d like to thank the creators of it for the soul they gave to the event. Those times entered into rarified air because of your energy (see what I did there?). We are lucky to be able to continue that mission and vision with Electric Forest, and even more lucky that we get to experience it together.

We’ve loved watching our love grow with this festival over the years. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for it. We love the festival, we love the Double JJ, and we love everyone that puts it together for us to enjoy! THANK YOU!”

– Michael and Candy

“We went as friends.
Left as a couple.
Returned as soul mates…
…For 6 years & counting.”

– Chris

“On the way back from the sunrise set at the RVs, a beautiful morning on the grounds of Double JJ Resort, I ran into a group of Canadians and started chatting with them but there was one person in particular that I connected with the most. We talked for almost 3 hours straight and he asked me to go on a date with him to see Bassnectar. Alan and I did not leave each others side for the rest of the weekend. Alan lives in Canada while I live in Maryland, but nothing, not even distance can take down love. We have been in a long distance relationship for almost two years now, engaged, and on our way to our third year of Electric Forest together, where our love was planted and bloomed. <3”

– Kelsey and Alan


Cali’s first Electric Forest experience was in 2011. She decided to go on a whim with a few friends, and bought her wristband to EF2011 on the drive from Chicago to Michigan. She’s been to Electric Forest every year since.

Joey grew up in Chicago and heard about Electric Forest through friends. He attended his first Electric Forest in 2015 as an artist manager for Louis The Child, and has returned to The Forest every year since.

On a warm Saturday night at Electric Forest 2015, Cali was wandering Sherwood Forest when a fellow Forest Family member handed her a note that read: “I choose love, joy, and freedom to open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.” Little did Cali know, love, joy, and wonder was already on its way.

As Big Gigantic closed Sherwood Court on Sunday night, Joey and Cali happened to be dancing near one another. They locked eyes and sparks flew. After exploring every corner of The Forest for hours together, Joey and Cali wandered back to the campgrounds and stumbled upon a party – Big Gigantic, Griz, and Cherub were playing on on top of an RV. Joey and Cali grooved, moved, and danced, until the sky began to light up at sunrise.

Joey and Cali have been together ever since.