2018 Second Weekend Brainery Workshops

 2018 Second Weekend Brainery Workshops


LEARN: Kirtan Workshop and Chanting

‘Uncovering your Spiritual Form: Unlocking Yoga’s full power through sound’.  Kirtan is the ancient practice of coming together in community to chant mantras, divine vibrations that free us from limiting conceptions. 

LEARN: Learn to Jam with Jason Wiseley

Funky tunes, a groovy time and learn how to jam! Leave with a little more knowledge of how to to have fun with your favorite instruments. No experience or musical knowledge necessary. Followed by free-form jam session led by Jason Wiseley

MAKE: Intro to Aromatherapy

Come and learn about the many benefits and uses of essential oils in an experiential environment, where they will get to interact with various oils hands on. They will get the chance to smell and use multiple different oils and walk away with a gift baggie of small sample bottles of different oils. 

LEARN: Be a Festival Pro with The Festival Guy

Festivaling is a hobby that the more of it you do, the better you get at it, and the more fun you have while doing it. Come for the talk by Tucker Gumber, aka The Festival Guy and author of The FestivalGoer’s Guide, and learn to be a FestPRO so we can all actively contribute to making Electric Forest 2018 the best festival that has ever happened.  He has spent seven years learning all of the finer points of festivaling and is here to share all of the tips and tricks festival veterans use to have their best festival.

MAKE: Dreamcatcher and Wire Wrap Workshop

At the dream catcher workshop, people can expect a moment of inspiration, development of a new skill, and a space for limitless creation. We will be gifting hand-woven, natural willow rings, string, beads, feathers and quartz crystals to each attendant to create their own work of art. Along with demonstrating the technique on a large scale, guests will be given a tutorial page that explains each step as well, and everyone will leave with a handmade creation and an inspiring new skill.

BREATHE: Find Your Center with Pranayama

Student will learn the history and background of pranayama (control of breath) in the ashtanga yoga system. We will warm up with light stretches, then move into various yogic breaths that help us with a wide variety of ailments, such as allergies, lethargy, and anxiety. We will end with meditation.

MEET: Enchanting the Forest

Realize the magic in Sherwood Forest though lecture, movement and mediation.  Come home to your Self, nourish your soul and learn how to bring the Enchanted Forest to life within you so that it’s never far away.

LEARN: Making a Breakthrough: A Participant-Led Q&A For Life Optimization

Looking for a breakthrough and want to leave with a new friend? Come experience how you can go deeper into your life’s work by appreciating life’s play. After getting to know each other in new ways, we’ll open up to explore thought-provoking questions as the group facilitates new feelings, new thoughts, and possibly new answers to advance inner growth and peace. Facilitated by author and founder, Jimmy Tomczak.

MAKE: Bubbling Over With Sam

At this giant bubble-making workshop attendees can expect to learn: 1) The ingredients of & how to mix perfect bubble juice; 2) how to de-core ropes essential for bubbling & why it’s necessary; 3) the techniques required to form huge bubbles

LEARN: This Song is Sick Artist Panels / Meet and Greets

Colorado-based tastemakers This Song Is Sick return to further their mission: To make everyone’s music collection better! They’ll be moderating informative panels and meet and greets with musicians from the Electric Forest line-up to dive into who they are, where they came from and where they are going.

BREATHE: We Are Only Dreaming

All are welcome to join this relaxing drop-in guided meditation session. This beginner meditation workshop allows us to tune in to breath, to our own divine wisdom, universal love and emerge refreshed with a sense of spiritual lightness and clarity

FLOW: Bolly-Fusion

Bolly-Fusion is an interactive dance workshop sharing a variety of dance styles originating from Indian culture. This workshop incorporates high-energy styles such as Bhangra, Bollywood, and Tamil all into one choreographed dance. All levels of dancers interested are welcomed and no prior experience is needed!

LEARN: American Sign Language (ASL) in the Festival World

This workshop will provide the opportunity for deaf and hearing patrons/staff to interact and share their perspective on the music festival scene, receive an “American Sign Language 101” tutorial, meet DJs who will be performing and have an interest in progressing their audience to become more accessible to diverse populations and connect with music via a physical dimension of sound with innovative equipment.

Anyone and EVERYONE are welcome, so please come see what the ASL Program is all about and meet new friends to create what will bring an amazingly new energy to your soul and the Forest!

MEET: Walking Meditation

Walking meditations allow one to experience divinity through the five senses. In this workshop experience the body as energy with the Energization Exercises, learn the eight Divine Aspects, and experience the Forest in a whole new way. Led by Emily Basili from Iowa Yoga & Meditation.

BREATHE: Festival Self-Care and Massage Workshop

Participants in this workshop can anticipate an hour of being mindful, tuning into their miraculous bodies and feeling their energy while creating healing human connection.  Learning self massage techniques, mindful breathing, and stretches to help ease aches from festival activities. Attendees should anticipate interacting with others in this project for the  energy share & partner shoulder massages. 

LEARN: Electric Forces Panel “(SIT) with Vets”

Members of the Electric Forces team join together to share their knowledge of (SIT) therapy and teach three simple tools to apply when having a stress reaction.

Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) brings awareness to changes experienced in the body and way of thinking of someone has experienced accumulated stress or a traumatic incident.

LEARN: Her Forest Women’s Panel “Centered in Sisterhood”

Moderator Hannah Muse leads a panel of women who are changing the landscape of the music industry and explore the question: ‘How you have been supported and support the women around you – in work, life, and creativity and how can we show up for other women even more?’

 2018 Second Weekend Brainery Workshops