2022 Brainery Workshops

HQ is proud to welcome the official Electric Forest 2022 Brainery Workshop instructors! Join the Brainery space on Main Street to mindfully relax, design with arts & crafts, learn different dance techniques, enchant your mind, and explore ideas and lessons you've possibly never been exposed to.


Breathwork Alchemy Experience – Ariana Khan

Join us for a Breathwork Alchemy Experience, where we transform thought into sensation as we shift our awareness from the mind to the body. After turning the body ON and moving stagnant energy, we will then invite you to slide into a state of relaxation as you receive healing sound frequencies and Reiki energy medicine.

Bloom Pranayama & Meditation – Shelby Pliska

Honor your mind, body, and soul by learning a simple pranayama and guided meditation. Practicing meditation and pranayama, or breathwork, is a great way to relieve stress, be present, and establish control.

Heart-Centered Ceremony for Collective Healing – Lotus Noreen

Heart-Centered Guided Meditation for Collective healing. Flower Essences, Core Shamaic, and Steel tongue drumming.

Sound Healing Frequency – Yvonne Clarke

This Sound Healing Experience focuses on relaxing the deep layers of stress by taking the brain into the meditative frequencies of gamma, alpha, beta, theta and delta where even your cells heal, transform, and rebuild while simultaneously moving energy through each chakra (energy center) by use of quartz crystal healing vibration tools called singing bowls tuned specifically to the “heartbeat of the Earth” at 8 Hz. Attendees of this session are bathed in harmonic frequencies that integrate the whole brain and body into a state of peace and calm.

Laughter Yoga – Jacob Yakoubi

Laughter Yoga is a unique experience that reminds us how to truly laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. Come find out for yourself why they say Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Embodied Breathwork & Movement – Emily Blackwell

When we become conscious of our breath, we become connected to our power. Join us for a series of breathwork practices to tap into your electric life force energy and embody the power that lives within you.

Chakra Cleansing Sound Bath – Chelsea Bates

Join Chelsea of Alchemystik Healing on a journey through sound alchemy with the use of crystal sound bowls, the gong, drums, chimes, and more. Your body and brain will align on a cellular level with the vibrations of sound; this will result in receiving healing/clearing of both your energetic body (chakras and aura), and physical body.

Self-Reiki Energy for Stress – Danielle Caho

Join us and tap into your energetic power within. Learn how to manage stress and trauma through Reiki energy healing.


Electric Poetry 2.0: A New Decade – Tate Johnson

“Electric Poetry 2.0: A New Decade” will give participants an open and honest place to express themselves through words. Participants will dive into introspection on the decade that has passed and the one we have in front of us, with an additional focus on sustainability (both in one’s self and in the Earth!). This workshop serves as a crucial place in the Forest that brings together attendees to share in the beauty of the Forest and the significance of 2022, while making real connections and challenging themselves to come up with poetry that they can be proud of and take with them!

Creating Paper Collage – Ashley Jensen

In this workshop, you will be experiencing the beauty of destruction and creation through the process of Collage. Your teacher, Cactus Food, will provide you with saved secondhand materials, from vintage magazines to children’s books, and together create a work of art that embodies your Electric Forest experience.

Making Mala Bead Bracelets & Crystal Healing Workshop – Lindsay Sager

Learn the ancient art of Japa mala making in the hand-knotted style and create a beautiful & intentional tool to deepen your meditation practice. In this workshop, we will discuss the culture-rich history & symbolism, the benefits of incorporating natural gemstones, and the process of activating and using your mala beads. Supplies will be provided.

Festival Braiding 101 – Madison Anderson

Bring a friend and some long hair to learn how to braid for festivals; in this workshop we will be learning and practicing french braids and braiding extensions. Participants are required to bring a partner and supply their own extensions.


BiPOC Sharing Circle – Antonieta Hensley

This circle aspires to provide a safe and welcoming environment for POC to share community with one another and discuss important topics related to race and identity. In this circle we will not only highlight our strengths and mission but we will leave with more community and purpose than what we came with.

Terp Nation: A Lesson in Breath, Smell, and Plant Science – Allison Scott

Terpenes and Cannabinoids are plant constituents commonly referred to in both Alternative Wellness and the Cannabis industry. In this class you will smell and experience different terps and cannabinoids first-hand, learn their similarities and differences, their many uses and benefits, the plants and Cannabis-specific strains they’re commonly found in, and so much more!

Becoming a Better Ancestor – Paige Arellano

How does one become the catalyst for the change? We gather together to honor the ancestors we come from and the elders we can be.

SING! – Laurel Stinson

Calling all music-makers! Learn a simple way to make acappella music using easy arranging tips. The workshop will include learning and performing an arrangement of ‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles. Instrumentalists are also encouraged to join.

Sounds of The Forest – Tom Wall

Florganoleptic musician and environmental conduit, Tom Wall, presents: “Sounds of The Forest” In this workshop, the audience will learn how Tom came to discover that nature has a lot to say if you know how to help it express itself. Through discussion, improvisational musical jam, and a specialized MIDI device, Tom works with plant life and the audience to create a synergistic environment where nature, technology, and music forge a pathway for true musical conversation between humans and nature.


Native American Dance – Migiziikwe Eagle Woman CEO & Artistic Director of Eagle Spirit Dancers

Be moved by the vivid and inspiring performance that the Eagle Spirit Dancers give you as they share unique and exhilarating singing and dance styles passed down from generation to generation by their ancestors. They aim to cultivate and captivate all audiences worldwide about the magnificence, the craft, and the nobility of the Indigenous way of life.

Learn to Festi-Swing – Richard Boone

Come learn a fun and easy partner dance for EDM music! You’ll learn how to dance on time, and a turn for both the follow and the lead. Come with or without a partner!

 2022 Brainery Workshops