2019 Winners Selected

The Monarchy

The Monarchy Project offers the opportunity to lead at Electric Forest for the people, with the people. Gather with your Forest Family Flock to contribute, be involved, and make a difference at Electric Forest 2019.


The Children of The Rainbow are coming to The Forest to spread love and positivity, and remind the Forest Family that we are most powerful together. They want to be a reminder that when we deepen our awareness of ourselves, we can progress and prosper at a higher level, together.

The Children of the Rainbow aim to inspire the Forest Family with one mission in mind: Now is the time to focus on living and acting with love as the foundation of the future, to live sustainably, explore the wonders of consciousness, and be grateful for life.

The Story from Marlana Bright, of The Children of The Rainbow:

I cannot ignore a sign from the Universe when I see one.
Especially the day that my social media notifications exploded with tags from my friends: “Look! This is you! You’re in this photo! You guys are on The Forest’s page!”

I recognized the Universe beckoning.

The Monarchy Program is a program of Forest Family outreach. It is an offered platform to spread goodness throughout Electric Forest. It is a platform to “show the Electric Forest Family how we can come together, achieve, progress and prosper at a higher level, together.”

My friends and I’s group photograph was used for the announce for the Monarchy Program. Our energy was potent enough to be captured, and impactful enough to be used to represent an incredible, potent, and impactful program.

We couldn’t ignore that. We had to do this.
I took this as a calling that we needed to apply to this program. So, I called my friends.
The Universe was knocking, and we answered.
We are ready to accept the Universe’s calling.

We, The Children of The Rainbow, are beyond honored to flutter and glow through Electric Forest as The Monarchy.

 The Monarchy