Set an intention, break down barriers

TWLOHA Barrier Project

As you start the week, To Write Love On Her Arms and The Forest invite you to be a part of an interactive growth experience. Set an intention for the weekend, develop your goals, recognize the words and symbol that create distance between us, break down your barriers, and start your Rothbury experience with a deep breath of fresh air.

 TWLOHA Barrier Project

To start the weekend, enter The Forest with your ambitions, intentions, objectives, and goals leading the way. To set this destination, acknowledge everything that seeks to keep you apart from your fellow Forest dwellers – this Family will build a physical wall together, decorated and dominated by our aspirations for growth, with our barriers left in the past.

This wall represents the things that threaten to keep us separated, and focuses on the ways that we strive to develop as human beings.

The Forest is built upon acceptance, kindness, freedom, respect, peace, and love. As the weekend winds down, the wall and all of our internal barriers will be dismantled, deconstructed, and destroyed. Its pieces will then be distributed to attendees and offered as a token of our aspirations for improvement, and a reminder that the walls in our lives are not permanent.

Set an intention and break down your barriers. Enter The Forest feeling weightless, and bring that mentality home.