Allison and Cultivating Creativity – Fourteenth Wish Machine Grant!

Allison is committed to encouraging her students to become free thinkers and passionate learners, to celebrate their own uniqueness, to utilize their creative intelligence, and to open their minds to new possibilities.

“This time last year I had no idea the inspiration that was about to be bestowed upon me by The Forest and the incredible family that fosters its magic; being there was like living in a dream. Though we had to pack up and say goodbye, the energy that I soaked up and took home is still a part of me. Special moments like those experienced in The Forest are transformative; they stimulate growth, encourage exploration, cultivate creativity, help us to more clearly understand that it is a good thing to be different and allow us to see others for their strengths with understanding eyes. I submitted my wish to the wish machine because these lessons I learned in The Forest are the same lessons I strive to bring into my school community and especially to my students. When our youth is able to grow and realize their great potential, doors are opened for a better future for us all. My heart is so full seeing the positive difference I make in the lives of my kids. It is easy to see the great need for caring, inspired, passionate teachers in today’s education system and I am just that. The dedication and positivity I bring to my school has allowed me to become an influential role model for staff and students; this landed me teacher of the year for 2017-2018.” – Allison

 Allison and Cultivating Creativity – Fourteenth Wish Machine Grant!

To celebrate her passion and commitment to the youth in her community, The Forest is proud to GRANT Allison’s wish and welcome her to join the Forest Family for the Second Weekend of Electric Forest 2018!


 Allison and Cultivating Creativity – Fourteenth Wish Machine Grant!

The Wish Machine sparked inspiration from across the globe. From local communities in Michigan to as far as Tanzania and Cambodia, the Forest Family considered what they could do – for individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and societies – to help make the world a better place. Pledges included raising money and awareness for mental health, rare diseases, and sustainable efforts; donating clothing, personal items, and funds to charity drives and disaster clean-up efforts; volunteering time and resources to local humane societies, hospitals, and homeless shelters; and so much more.

The Wish Machine challenged the Forest Family to venture out into the world and spread positive action and good deeds. Now it’s time for The Forest to reward the most amazing, world-changing, and awe-inspiring acts of kindness.