Wish Granted - Ashley Generation Love & The Giving Tree - Ashley and Service veteran

Ashley and Generation Love – Fifth Wish Machine Grant!

Forest Family member Ashley wishes to bridge the generation gap and spread love from one generation to the next by creating a project called "Generation Love" at the Illinois Veterans home. Ashley has opened up a P.O. box for the Forest Family to send arts & crafts supplies to Veterans as an avenue to explore their creativity.

Art that is created through this project will be brought to Electric Forest 2018 and donated to The Forest Giving Tree – providing an outlet for Veterans to connect with, and spread love to, the Forest Family. To complete the generation bridge, Ashley will go back to the Veterans home and share photos of the Forest Family receiving art gifts at the Giving Tree to Veterans that helped supply Giving Tree presents.


Identified problem/need: There is a generation gap and lost connection occurring between the younger and older generations. The Veterans of the Illinois Veterans Home in Manteno, IL love art and music, yet do not have the resources or volunteers visiting them to help spark their creative passions. For this project, I will be going to visit them to inspire an art activity each morning and afternoon, while playing music you would hear in the Forest. They can choose to either keep their works of art, or donate it back to the Giving Tree. During the event, photos and videos may be taken to highlight their work and share with the Forest community. Once at Electric Forest, Forest dwellers can explore the Giving Tree to gather a unique piece of art – activated by the Forest Family and made by a special veteran. We will be sure to capture photographs of the Forest Family receiving these pieces of art, and send those photos, along with a huge thank you, back to the Veterans. This will remind each generation that they are in fact still connected and not forgotten.

Goals for the project: At least 200 pieces of art made- 100 for each weekend. Photos taken of veterans creating artistic presents and of the Forest Family receiving the gifts. Donated art supplies and/or money for the supplies will be accepted through a PO box to the Veterans home – Colored Pencils, Colored Chalk, Paint, Paint brushes, Paint trays, Various Beads, String, designed prints, Canvases, Table Top Easels, and more…

Strategies for the program: The different kinds of crafts and art to be made by Veterans: Kandi bracelets, stone/pendant necklaces, paintings/colorings of Electric Forest logos or designs. Art supplies can be donated from my local community, and a local P.O. box is established in order to receive supplies from the Forest Family.

Volunteers: My family and friends will be joining me. The Veteran’s activity times are 10am and 2pm each day. We will visit the home once or twice a month, whichever works best for their schedule.

 Ashley and Generation Love – Fifth Wish Machine Grant!

Ashley wishes to spread her perspective of love and kindness – reminding her community of how important it is to stay connected with one another – by bringing generations of Veterans and the Forest Family together. HQ is proud of Ashley’s compassionate outlook on life, and happy to announce that she and her crew are invited to join the Forest Family in Good Life during the Second Weekend of Electric Forest 2018!

Send Art Supplies to Ashley and The Veterans of The Illinois Veterans Home!



 Ashley and Generation Love – Fifth Wish Machine Grant!

The Wish Machine sparked inspiration from across the globe. From local communities in Michigan to as far as Tanzania and Cambodia, the Forest Family considered what they could do – for individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and societies – to help make the world a better place. Pledges included raising money and awareness for mental health, rare diseases, and sustainable efforts; donating clothing, personal items, and funds to charity drives and disaster clean-up efforts; volunteering time and resources to local humane societies, hospitals, and homeless shelters; and so much more.

The Wish Machine challenged the Forest Family to venture out into the world and spread positive action and good deeds. Now it’s time for The Forest to reward the most amazing, world-changing, and awe-inspiring acts of kindness.