Electric Forest is both a collaboration, and an experiment in community. There are many ways to be involved in The Forest, from work to play, and everywhere in between.

The Plug In Program offers creative opportunities to jump in through contests, artistic projects and so much more. Plug In to deepen the community and connection with Electric Forest.

This truly is an invitation to add to the magic.

Five Years Of Electric Forest Monarch History

Monarch Program

The Monarch Program offers one of the greatest prizes in the Forest Kingdom - the opportunity to bring your vision to The Forest!

Woman live painting One-Of-A-Kind Artist-Created Electric Forest Maps


HQ invites the artistically inclined to become live artists at the festival by creating a one of a kind map of Electric Forest.

Recycle Compost and Landfill cans in GA Campgrounds Sustainable Monarch's of Electric Forest

Green Monarch Program

The Green Monarch offers the opportunity to bring your environmental / green / sustainable vision to The Forest in collaboration with the Electricology Program.