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Each summer, just as anticipation for the sold-out Electric Forest reaches fever pitch, tens of thousands of fans – traveling from all parts of the country, and the world, gather at the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan for the music & camping adventure of a lifetime.

Electric Forest is known for bringing together a passionate group of fans whose shared community spirit makes the festival a truly unique experience. The festival incorporates the natural beauty of the venue into carefully crafted art pieces and creatively themed environments, while colorful interactive characters and storylines blend with eclectic performing artists and musicians.

With its astonishing and unparalleled integration of music, art and community, Electric Forest delivers “The ultimate festival experience.”  From the carefully curated musical lineup, to the jaw-dropping Sherwood Forest, to the festival’s unprecedented participatory spirit, to the site’s incomparable features and amenities – Electric Forest creates a vibe so thick with “camaraderie and freedom…it must be experienced to be appreciated.”

Electric Forest’s GOOD LIFE VIP experience offers unrivaled amenities and perks – from camping and RV spots, to log cabins and homes, to resort hotel-style suites – all located directly on the festival grounds. In addition, patrons can take advantage of the property’s many amenities including a 60,000 square foot indoor water park, an 18-hole championship golf course, swimming pools, horseback riding, and more.

At the heart of Electric Forest is the beloved Sherwood Forest. By day, fans collect among hundreds of hammocks that drape between the clustered trees. Intricate and earthy artful touches pop from the Forest’s myriad of installations and gathering spaces. At night, Sherwood Forest turns electric, showered with state-of-the-art, jaw-dropping light displays, impromptu “secret” parties, other-worldly characters, and surprises around every turn. “With no exaggeration at all, [Sherwood Forest is] the most well-produced and artistically inspired area…ever seen at a music festival.”

Known for fully embracing the possibilities of an engaged festival community, Electric Forest’s Plug In Program deliberately blurs the line between event organizers and attendees.  With this truly unique “open source” fan engagement platform, Electric Forest harnesses the creativity and passion of its community members, offering real and tangible ways for fans to participate in and ultimately help shape the Electric Forest experience. This is a big deal, since for Electric Forest – experience trumps all.

Hailed as “an amazing example of how music and festivals can change one’s outlook on life,” it’s widely understood that “one of the most important lessons [to be] learned in the Forest is that we are all together,” and this sense of community is truly “cherished [within the community] like the incredibly rare find it is.” 








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“it rolled out as a welcoming, resplendent, resoundingly revered, rollicking reunion of the Forest Family.”
– Local Spins

“eccentric, psychedelic and imaginative festival”

“Electric Forest is so much more than a music festival. It’s a true testament to the power of people’s energy coming together at once.”
– Run the Trap

“Electric Forest is simply one of the greatest festivals you could attend.”
– This Song is Sick

“after a long, 3-year hiatus, Electric Forest has come back stronger and better than ever.”
– This Song is Sick

“There’s so much to love about this festival… the attention to detail, the love and the energy that people bring with them, the enormous size, and the endless capabilities that are presented to you.”
– This Song is Sick

“…carefully created touches of whimsy have distinguished Electric Forest as a fan favorite since it began in the lush woods of Michigan. “
The Best US Summer Festivals
– The Guardian

“…a psychedelic smorgasbord of neon-infused joy, there’s no excuse for anyone to miss out on Electric Forest Festival.”
15 Best International Festivals You Can’t Miss This Summer
– High Snobiety

“A lot of festivals like to tell you they’re ‘different’ and ‘special’. ‘Magical experience’ gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI., it’s 100 percent true. You’ve never seen woodlands like this, and the installations and light rigs turn each twist and turn of trees into a portal to strange, ethereal worlds. You can spend hours exploring, and each day will reveal new wonder.”
– Billboard

“…Electric Forest has created something much bigger than a music festival.  They have created an immersive experience that turns all kinds of people, friends, and strangers alike, into a family.”

“A must see festival.”
– RollingStone

“Among the 10 Best Festivals.”
– USA Today

“One of our favorite music festivals in the world.”

“Electric Forest is a masterpiece of a festival.”
– Fest300

“From so many magical moments in the forest to some of the most impressive musical experiences, Electric Forest certainly takes the cake as one of the best festivals out there.”
– Live for Live Music

Among “20 Legendary World Festivals to See in Your Lifetime”
– Distractify

“With its gorgeously decorated landscapes, whimsical spirit and organic sense of community, Electric Forest is more than a music event; at this point, the four-day affair has taken on a distinct personality while becoming a destination of choice in a crowded U.S. festival market.”
– Detroit Free Press

“Electric Forest is a phenomenon.”
– Billboard

“Electric Forest positions itself as a melting pot, straddling the lines between genres, between a music festival and an artistic event, and they continue to have a place for everybody.”
– 411 Mania

“Life-changing for some, a weekend escape from reality for others, a time to come together as a music-loving community for all…Yes, it truly is a place like no other.”
– Local Spins

“[Electric Forest] is a festival filled with secrets and each discovery leads you to something you needed to hear or feel or see or just be a part of.”
– EDM Identity

“Electric Forest is without a doubt the place to be, and hands down a festival you need to experience at least once in your lifetime.”
– The Nocturnal Times