Missed your chance at #EF2019 tickets during the On Sale? Have a ticket but now can’t make it?

The NEW Official Ticket Exchange is the place to buy and sell wristbands for Electric Forest 2019. Highlights of using the Official Ticket Exchange include:

  • Tickets bought through the New Official Ticket Exchange are always authentic.
  • Family helping Family. Buying from someone else in the Forest Family beats buying from unaffiliated third parties every time.
  • Fair prices, no hidden fees, guaranteed.

Looking to buy a ticket? Here’s how it works:

  1. Step 1. Go to this link: Official Electric Forest Wristband Exchange
  2. Step 2. Click ‘Request Tickets’ and choose the type and quantity of tickets you’d like to request.
  3. Step 3. Enter your Attendee information.
  4. Step 4. Enter your payment information. (Note: You’ll only be charged if we find your tickets.)
  5. Step 5. Review your request and once you confirm, click ‘Request Tickets’.

You’re all set! You’ll see your place in line and will receive a confirmation email with a link to (a) check the status, (b) change the request info, or (c) cancel the request at any time before it’s fulfilled.

Trying to sell a ticket? Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1. Go to this link: Official Electric Forest Wristband Exchange.
  • Step 2. Click ‘Return Tickets’ and connect your Electric Forest Ticketing account by entering your email and order number.
  • Step 3. Select the tickets you wish to return.
  • Step 4. View the offer, click ‘Accept’ to continue.
  • Step 5. Enter your PayPal account information.
  • Step 6. Confirm your return information and click ‘Finish.’You are all set!


Important Information

  • You are welcome to leave the wait list at any time.
  • Your card will be charged automatically once the ticket you are looking for has been found. If you have been charged the transaction cannot be cancelled.
  • No Layaway Payment Plans will be available for the Official Ticket Exchange.
  • Make sure you sign up for the waitlist with all correct purchasing and contact information, as registrations cannot be changed after they have been submitted.
 Official Wristband Exchange