Loyal Forest Family attending in 2022 will receive all Loyalty Benefits. Details, including new on the 6 in The Forest Party, are coming soon.

Regardless of when or where you purchased, Wristbands for 2022 can still be registered for Loyalty Recognition as is standard.

HQ has begun reworking the Loyalty Program for 2023 and beyond. Thank you, and see you in The Forest. 💚

About the Electric Forest Loyalty Program

Tips for registering your Wristband:

  1. As soon as you get your Wristband, register it! You can do this online through Electric Forest Ticketing  anytime after you’ve received your Wristband.
  2. Always use a permanent email address. Do not use a school email, work email, or any other email you will not have permanent access to. This can not be stressed enough, if you use a different email to register you will need to go through the recognition process which requires proof of purchase for four or six years and can only be done when you qualify for Four in The Forest or Six in The Forest benefits.
  3. Be sure to register your Wristband carefully and accurately. Typos will result in you not receiving loyalty benefits.
  4. Similarly, if you’ve already begun your Electric Forest Loyalty journey towards Four or Six in The Forest use the same email as you used previously. This ensures that your registrations are all accounted for.
  5. If you have trouble registering your Wristband, or do not have it delivered, stop by the Box Office as you arrive. The team there will be able to register your Wristband for you. Once the event is over you will no longer be able to register your Wristband.

Loyalty is based on Wristband registration. 

The email used to register a Wristband can be different from the purchasing email. A friend or family member could have purchased your Wristband, or your Wristband could have been purchased with an email address different from the email that was used to register your Wristband. As long as Wristbands are always registered to the same email account, Electric Forest Loyalty status can be tracked.

Loyalty is accumulative. 

Your Loyalty Status never goes away, even if you take a year off. While your Loyalty Status is not affected by missing a year, not attending the previous year will not allow you to take part in the Loyalty On Sale unless you are 4 or 6 in The Forest. Once you reach Four in The Forest Loyalty Status you will retain that status for life. Each year, regardless of whether you attended the previous year, you will receive a Four in The Forest Loyalty Code and access to the Loyalty On Sale. This continues when you reach Six in The Forest as well.

Loyalty Accounts cannot be combined. 

At this time it is not possible for HQ to combine Loyalty accounts for those that have used multiple emails to register Wristbands throughout the years. Because of this it is imperative that you use the same permanent, non-work and non-school, email account to register your Wristbands. Failure to do so is difficult to correct, and could result in your not receiving your Loyalty benefits.

Qualifying for 4 and 6 in The Forest. 

Four in The Forest is for those who have already attended, and registered their wristband, for four previous years. Your first chance to purchase during the Loyalty On Sale and receive perks from that program is the year after you reach this achievement. This is true for Six in The Forest as well, where you earn the achievement after attending your sixth year and receive benefits for your seventh.

If your Loyalty Status was affected by using multiple emails you will have an opportunity each year to submit a Loyalty Recognition Form. You’ll need to provide both your registration information as well as the purchaser information for all years that you’ve attended. This process does not combine Loyalty Accounts and you may have to go through this process each year. If HQ is unable to verify all of your purchases and registrations you may be denied benefits from these Loyalty Programs. This form is only available just before the On Sale and cannot be completed year round.