Your options for RV Parking are in The GA Campgrounds, The Good Life Village, and The Back 40.

An RV is specified as any vehicle larger in length, width, or height than a normal 12 -passenger van. The length limit for a non-RV is 16 feet. Any vehicle, or vehicle + towed trailer of any kind, that is over 16 feet in length needs an RV Add-On Pass.

RV spots are not available for purchase unless you will be bringing an RV – please do not purchase an RV space in an attempt to secure a larger tent camping space. Standard passenger cars, SUVs and pick-up trucks do not need an RV Add-On Pass.

Each RV is allowed one (1) companion vehicle. The companion vehicle must arrive with the RV. A companion vehicle must be a car, truck or SUV that is smaller than 16 feet in length. The companion vehicle must have its own Wednesday Early Arrival Add-On in addition to the RV’s Parking Pass if you are arriving on Wednesday.

Please note that RV Add-On Passes are NOT eligible for Tuesday Load-In.