Keith and Gumby’s Club Fore A Cure – Fifteenth Wish Machine Grant!

Keith wishes to help families affected by cancer in his local area, and spread the idea of togetherness and community during times of struggle, ideas that he says can be translated to The Forest through the healing power of people and music.

“I have been working hard to put together a weekend long event benefiting families in my county that have been affected by a cancer diagnosis. This event, called Gumby’s Club Fore a Cure, will happen the second weekend of July. Now on its eighth year, this event not only helps other families affected by cancer but has been a sort of glue holding my family together as we deal with a cancer diagnosis of our own- my father’s. My dad always puts other people before himself as evidenced by this event weekend that has made a positive impact on hundreds of people in our community. Just seeing the way the event grows in size and support over the years has been a trip.

A chance to have my wish fulfilled at Electric Forest, for me, would mean a chance to reflect, to relax, and to re energize. I love that I am a part of an organization that brings hopefulness and positivity into people’s lives at some of their darkest moments.” – Keith

 Keith and Gumby’s Club Fore A Cure – Fifteenth Wish Machine Grant!

To celebrate his selflessness and commitment to promoting togetherness in his community, The Forest is proud to GRANT Keith’s wish and welcome him and his crew to the Second Weekend of Electric Forest 2018!


 Keith and Gumby’s Club Fore A Cure – Fifteenth Wish Machine Grant!

The Wish Machine sparked inspiration from across the globe. From local communities in Michigan to as far as Tanzania and Cambodia, the Forest Family considered what they could do – for individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and societies – to help make the world a better place. Pledges included raising money and awareness for mental health, rare diseases, and sustainable efforts; donating clothing, personal items, and funds to charity drives and disaster clean-up efforts; volunteering time and resources to local humane societies, hospitals, and homeless shelters; and so much more.

The Wish Machine challenged the Forest Family to venture out into the world and spread positive action and good deeds. Now it’s time for The Forest to reward the most amazing, world-changing, and awe-inspiring acts of kindness.